The Primrose Hill Fantasy

primrose hill done


I’m back from my London holiday, been planning for my official move back to London after being in Sweden for about two years, so in the end of this month it is happening, London round two! Can’t wait! Anyways, before dealing with flat hunting and everything that comes with a move, me and my boyfriend thought we’d take a week off together to chill out in London, and so we did, was real nice!

Here’s a few pics from a day we spent in Primrose Hill, my fave neighborhood in London actually,if you haven’t been, you have to go! It has a beautiful green hill where you can get one of the greatest views over London from + super cosy pubs and stores, also if ur VERY lucky you might run into some of the local celebs like Kate Moss or Jude Law, this time I sadly didn’t see either, but did run into the british retail queen, Mary Portas, who gave me a cheeky smile, hello excitement! haha!

Btw, got these new jeans from my man, yeah! Love em! my faves at the moment, wooho.


Cause you live in shades of cool


Just on holiday in London at the moment! Here’s an outfit from last week! New skirt wooho! Also I’m so addicted of this top from Weekday! Been wearing it pretty much everyday over here, can’t seem to get it off of me! Recommended if ur in need of a “nicer” casual black top!

I should live in salt



Today’s, New skirt, sunnies and a new hat, hello!

Been a lush day today, been in the park with a friend of mine and after that me and my family had a BBQ, yum yum, can’t complain! Also for once I’ve actually been off work all weekend plus tomorrow, yeah! so gonna cuddle up in a bit with the latest episode of game of thrones and later some football!


Clutch: Martin Margiela, necklace: (think it comes from topshop), trainers: Nike, Coat: Topshop, t-shirt: LPD New York, shorts:

A fun outfit if you wanna be comfortable and chic at the same time ;) combining the minimalistic trend with the sporty trend!
Add a pair of fun coloured trainers to spice up the outfit and the look is completed! :) do you like the outfit?

I’ve been having a great day at my brother’s :) we went to a beach near them and after that we had a BBQ, real nice :) now I’m back home and watching a movie!

Sorry there’s been a while ago I posted outfit pics but been having some trouble with my laptop cause its literally hanging by a tread… No joke! But will show u some pics tomorrow ;) night night :) xx


grass IMG_8130

grass aiir nIMG_8143

grass 3IMG_8128

White blouse: unknown, trousers: gina tricot, shoes: nilsons, coat: whistles, sunnies: topshop, gloves: tiger of sweden

Wow I’ve been very productive today! Laundry, cleaning, been out and about, grocery shopping, done it all! Have some more blog things to do, shower and then it’s sleepy time! Will be needing my beauty sleep for tomorrow you see !xx


Some friday streetstyle for you all! I love all of these looks, especially those sweatshirts, super nice!

Which of these looks do you like? :)

Today it’s laundry time in my casa! Gonna try and finally dye & wash my hair after that, oh my..  don’t think I’ve ver gone this long without washing my hair… haha, sorry for the info … xx

OH NO I just got the hiccups… shiat.


milaan fas /

Some streetstyle fashion from Milan fashion week  for you all! I adore all of these looks, check out that whole leopard Stella McCartney outfit, super cool! Not many can pull that off, but this girl surely can! Also that relaxed jumper with the leather skirt outfit, looks cool but still casual.  Nice one!

Which ones are ur faves? :) x

The fence



Sweater: Rokit vintage, coat: Whistles, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: H&M, beanie: unknown, necklace: vintage

A lot of leather trousers lately, I know… but I just can’t help myself!! As I’ve said before, when I’m in love with an item, I just can’t stop wearing it, cause as soon as I start thinking about an outfit I can wear, I go “yes could wear that with the skirt, all though I know it would looks SO much better with the leather trousers” So leather trousers it is!  Therefore you just have to bear with me for a little while and let me feel the love to the leathers!  :) xx

P.s my hair looks like shiat on these pics… therefore I had to redo it!