The sneak peek of the outfit coming up later on today ;) so stay tuned ;)

Today has been my “doing errands” day, been to the doctor’s and took a blood test, I always hated taking blood tests, it’s not that in afraid of needles or such, I just think the whole process is uncomfortable. I’m one of those who easily can feel dizzy of it, and have even fainted once…

But last time I did it was in London, had a friend with me, and it was one of those drop in blood tests, so it went really quick, just needle in and out, and that time went surprisingly well, so figured this time
would too!

Went on my own, I was gonna be brave! She called me in and I sat down , and she made me wait for ages, so obviously I had time to build the whole thing up!

I told her that I was a real chicken when it comes to these things, so I got to lay down while she did it, think she took quite a lot of blood..started getting VERY warm, sat up and thought it went alright, then it started to get darker and darker in front of my eyes, I was like ”
Oh no, everything is getting dark now!”
So she laid me down again, and it made me feel a lot better, got a sweet and water, and I felt like a real pussy! Haha a proper drama queen!

I thought I was gonna rock it this time! But guess not, well well, some things never change I guess! Are u guys like me? Not into these things ? Or are u one of those cool and calm people?

So after that I had some things to get from the pharmacy and the shop, even managed to walk my neighbours dog a
little bit, and buy my other neighbour who’s quite old cigarettes. Felt real helpful, and I’m so connecting with the neighbours oh yeah!
My neighbour mojo is so on!

Now I’m having a little tanning session at the balcony :) xx


first row from left: balenciaga, underground, underneath: din sko, juju shoes. Summer is here ! or kinda was last week , now it’s supposed to rain all week here … But let’s stay positive and think of summery fashion, a must is to get summer flats! And here’s some of my faves ! Found the Din sko ones yesterday when I was in town, love em ! So might get them, I’m also a bit into the juju shoes, a black pair, might get those too , will have to have a think :) Do you like any of the above ? :) if not what’s your ideal summer flat ? :) xx



Wow what a fun day it was yesterday! Started off with the amazing breakfast at my friends place, all of us girls were there, there was everything, cakes, scones, sallads, brie, grapes, muffins you name it! And drinks of course!  After listening to some great party music, and a few drinks later, we head down to the park, were everyone was at, omg, don’t think I’ll ever seen that many people there before! Haven’t celebrated “valborg” as it’s called in Sweden for a few years, so it seems like it gets more and more people for each year! It was like a festival, with a dj playing and all, real fun! And the weather was on our side that day, no rain, thank god!

Didn’t dare to bring my camera with me, but took some fun pics that I’ve instagrammed, Check it out, I’m called theblackcape90 :)



Top left: sunnies:, Givenchy tee, Moschino backpack, Chanel bracelet, Gold necklace: Underneath: Givenchy heels, leather shorts:, creepers underground

I love this outfit, I’m a huge fan of Givenchy, and the Givenchy tee’s, so this is really a dream outfit! Need to get myself a pair of baggy leather shorts as well for summer!

Picked two pairs of shoes to this outfit, the heels , if you wanna dress it up a bit, or the creepers if you wanna go all street!


P.s, my throat still hurts! think I might need to call the doctor’s tomorrow, cause I’ve had this for quite a while now… Also, I might add that last night, I decided to make waffles, well I completely failed! How can someone fail making waffles?!? I mean I didn’t even have to make the batter myself, bought it! Basically, I poured the batter in the waffle iron, before the iron was hot.. so the waffles turned out all burned and super flat, kinda like crisps…. Also was gonna melt chocolate in the microwave but accidentally put the microwave on the grill /oven mode, so burned the chocolate too… Failiure! So there I was , eating my burned waffles with the burned chocolate …

 I’m telling you, everytime I try to make something in this kitchen, it just fails!! I was a great cook in London, but I’ve kinda lost my making food mojo, what’s happening?! :(

Gonna make new waffles later on! They better turn out nice!!



neon 5


neon 6

Adidas track, jeans: cheap monday, mesh top: h&m, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage and dolce & gabbana, rings: gina tricot, big silver ring: weekday, beanie: lindex

FINALLY found myself the perfect long sleeve mesh top! I’m loving it!! Also painted just one of my nails gold, from the nailpolish I got yesterday, it looked how I imagined! Like the idea of having just one nail in a different colour!





Jumper: urban outfitters, jeans: cheap monday, leather jacket: rokit vintage, denim shirt: levi’s, shoes: creepers underground, necklace: vintage

Went for some burgundy today as you can see!

Now my throught is being a bit fishy with me, really hope I’m not about to get ill!



Three cool looks for you’ll! hot or not? I think the girl in the blue blazer reminds me a bit of gaga? don’t you think?

Just came home after another day x mas shopping, my arms are killing me after carrying around all the shopping bags! So now time for some food, and chilling out!