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20130521-201610.jpg top: old tee, trousers: topshop, backpack: Rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage & dolce & gabbana, sunnies: brick lane London

I can never get enough of all black looks ;) not entirely black here though a tiny bit of white as well ;) to be precise ha ! So had a great day today , had a lush lunch celebrating my friend’s b day , there was three of us :) then I did some shopping, and finally found myself a nice bikini top ! Gonna try it on once more here at home and see , think it might be a keeper :) I then cooked a nice meal to my family , made a puff pastry that I filled with pesto & a little garlic & feta cheese, got the recipe from my friend she made it for her family yesterday and it sounded so good so had to give it a go, and it was a success ! I also made a lush chicken salad :) yum !

checkk ne

check 4 IMG_8994

check 3IMG_8985

checkk IMG_8998



Levi’s vest: Rokit vintage, Leather jacket: rokit vintage , boots: rokit vintage, jeans: cheap monday, shirt: emilio, backpack: rokit vintage, lipstick: make up store colour mandy

Wore my new lipstick when we were out and about, so in love with it! Hot pink, yes! makes every outfit so much more fun! :) you like?

I’ve had a proper “taking care of myself” day today!, dyed my hair, had on a face mask and such, yes I did good! Then I sat in the sun at our balcony while having some nice tea and food! real nice :) tonight I’m gonna watch the voice uk, wooop all excited, ha, it’s mine and my boyfriend’s secret obsession. not so secret now though..



Went out to met up with my friend today in town, we sorted out some errands we had to take care off, and then we checked out some stores, my friend got herself a nice casual dress! And we both saw a nice black and silver belt, but we didn’t go for it this time, the thing is that I have quite a big phone bill coming up, so I’m not gonna shop for a while!  Then we sat down and had some nice food :), and then  we went home, came home like 2 hours ago, so been out all day :) real nice!

Hey tomorrow I thought I’d show you some pics of how I dye my hair! Thought it might be fun to show! So stay tuned ;)


burger ny

burger 1IMG_8449

burger airIMG_8556

Denim jacket, vest, shorts: rokit vintage,shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: thomas sabo, rings: gina tricot

I live by a burger place which apparently sells the biggest sausage in Sweden, (it says that on that massive orange sign) well well didn’t know that, pretty exciting ey! ha!

I went for a pretty pastel look the other day, blue, pink and purple hair!

This really random thing happened when me and my boyfriend took these pics, first when we got there, we noticed this mc bike kinda looking man inside the hamburger place buying food, he kept stearing at us for a long time, and once he bought his food, he left the hamburger place with a woman , they sat down in their car, while still staring at us, then he drove away, 5 mins later we noticed that he drove back, this time without the woman, he parked his car, and slowly walked up to us, kept staring, came real close, which we thought was quite uncomfortable.

Then he said “can I ask you what you’re doing?” I went “Just taking some pics for my blog” he said: “I noticed you took pics when I was inside the hamburger place, if you’ve taken any pics of me or of my car, I want you to delete them now!” Then he went back to his car and drove off again.

Super dodgy or what?! I got so irritated once he left, thought to myself, why the fuck would two people in their twenties be interested in taking pics of you , you self centered creep! Aghh, made me so angry! Hope I won’t run into that man again!



Sorry for bad updates yesterday, it was my boyfriend’s birthday so we had a busy and fun day together! Went for a nice lunch in town, then a fancy steak dinner in the evening followed by cinema watching “the place beyond the pines” who says no to watch ryan gosling and bradley cooper for two hours on a massive screen? not me! It was a real good film, better than expected! recommend! (also ryan being bad ass on a mc bike, hot hot)

My boyfriend is leaving for London today, after an amazing cosy fun week! Celebrating our birthdays together, couldn’t get any better! Today we’re just gonna chill out before he needs to get going!

psst, have some fun blog material for you all! xx

babyyy it's


Came across this new Nicki Minaj & Lil wayne song, high school the other day, and since then I can’t get it out of my head, never listened to nicki before, so I feel a bit extra cool now! Like I’m one with the youngsters. yeaah. Now it’s time to cuddle up in front of the tv and watch the biggest loser the swedish one, also something I’ve never watched before, but some of the people in it are so sweet, so I just have to continue to watch it! xx


food IMG_7716

sigfnee new IMG_7647

air mia aIMG_7700

A few pics of the week! What do you think of the chicken wrapped in bacon, sweetpotatoes, asparagus, garlic sauce, dish I made the other day? ;) well proud! haha, also, my friend Signe was super chic in her pilot sunnies, hairdo and outfit when we met up in town, hot hot, so I just had to snap a pic of her!

And a smiley pic of me, few people have said that they want to see some more smiley pics of me here on the blog, usually  I have my serious pokerface on in the outfit pics.. ha, but I’m a very smiley person! And by very, I mean VERY smiley, maybe too much sometimes..

I’m now going to my brother’s place with the sis today again, my brother is on parental leave so he’s home all day long with the kids, so it’s time for some brother and sister time! xx