The Primrose Hill Fantasy

primrose hill done


I’m back from my London holiday, been planning for my official move back to London after being in Sweden for about two years, so in the end of this month it is happening, London round two! Can’t wait! Anyways, before dealing with flat hunting and everything that comes with a move, me and my boyfriend thought we’d take a week off together to chill out in London, and so we did, was real nice!

Here’s a few pics from a day we spent in Primrose Hill, my fave neighborhood in London actually,if you haven’t been, you have to go! It has a beautiful green hill where you can get one of the greatest views over London from + super cosy pubs and stores, also if ur VERY lucky you might run into some of the local celebs like Kate Moss or Jude Law, this time I sadly didn’t see either, but did run into the british retail queen, Mary Portas, who gave me a cheeky smile, hello excitement! haha!

Btw, got these new jeans from my man, yeah! Love em! my faves at the moment, wooho.


I should live in salt



Today’s, New skirt, sunnies and a new hat, hello!

Been a lush day today, been in the park with a friend of mine and after that me and my family had a BBQ, yum yum, can’t complain! Also for once I’ve actually been off work all weekend plus tomorrow, yeah! so gonna cuddle up in a bit with the latest episode of game of thrones and later some football!

Jardin Majorelle



Some more pics from me and my sister’s Marrakech trip :) Our second day in the city we went to visit Jardin Majorelle, which is a beautiful garden, which was a fave of Yves Saint Laurent who’s memorial is held in the heart of the garden. Oh how I miss the Moroccan sunshine <3

Whilst talking about YSL, me and my boyfriend (forced him to go with me) were gonna go and see the film last night, and once we arrived to the cinema the tickets were sold out, bummer! Funny thing is that we were gonna see it the week before, but we were too late, so we missed it… now I’m hoping we get to see it next week! Orange wednesdays you know, 2 for 1 deal ;) Have any of you seen it yet? x

New in!!


Got myself this clutch in Zara in Marrakech, love it! Been looking for a white clutch for a while and when I saw this one it was spot on! It’s so me, I’m always stressed, but that’s usually because I’m such a time optimist (I know it’s bad..I’m getting better though!) and I always prioritise how I look before heading out (obviously depends on where I’m going, I do have lazy trackies days as well) instead of focusing on being on time… So I end up stressing like hell whilst well dressed!

I Haven’t worn it out yet, will do when I get to London next week though, can’t wait for it’s debut :)

black in








black innn

Mesh top: h&m, tube top underneath: h&m (old), quilted leather skirt: Cubus, sunnies: h&m, heels: from macedonia, bag: & other stories, bracelet: Cheap Monday, necklace: vintage

Here’s another outfit taken in Macedonia, in Bitola, the town my parents are from :) All black… again.. can’t help it! What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after an entire day at my brother’s place, spending time with his family, my nephew and niece, oh they’re such cutiepies!! love :) A perfect sunday! xx












Lemon clutch: Charlotte Olympia, boots: topshop, sweater: boy London, sunnies: Illesteva, bag: topshop

Loving these items! Want them all! Anyone keen on buying them for me?! Sadly my economy is working a but against me at the moment, but if I by any chance win the lottery, (the chances are very small, cause I don’t play the lottery..)
BUT if then I would get myself at least the lemon clutch, boots and boy London sweater, love!

Now I’m gonna take a little nap, (oh my felt like I just aged 70 years writing this) but I did only sleep like 6 hours last night, and my brother and his family is coming over later on, and i’m guessing they don’t want to experience me like this, tired and grumpy,
like I’ve gone back in time 6 years = me in the middle of the teenage era, not very pleasant. So sleepy time it is! Xx


All from net a

Three black & white faves of mine!
The Michael Kors bag, that would go perfect for everyday casual looks! Also a good way to cheer up an all black outfit!

The brand LPD New York has made these wicked sporty t shirts with different designers name’s on and the number of the year they were born, wouldn’t mind having this Wang one!

And these Gianvito Rossi heels, love em!!

Do you like the items? :) And how do you feel about the black & white trend?









Close ups from lately!

Today we decided to go into town in Ohrid instead, no swimming, cause sadly the weather was bad :( It’s been a bit tricky with the weather this week, warm but a bit cloudy a few days.. I’ve never experienced macedonia as cold as its been on this trip… Hope it gets better!

But the plan is now to go back to bitola tomorrow, one day earlier then planned, cause if the weather.. So only been two days tanning time over here.. Wanted a proper tan, but let’s hope the weather in Sweden will deliver some sunshine when I come back!

Anyways today we been to the old part of Ohrid, went to a beautiful church, high up on a mountain, so pretty! From there we took a little boat ride, got some great shots of the city! Then we had some nice lunch :)