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Jardin Majorelle



Some more pics from me and my sister’s Marrakech trip :) Our second day in the city we went to visit Jardin Majorelle, which is a beautiful garden, which was a fave of Yves Saint Laurent who’s memorial is held in the heart of the garden. Oh how I miss the Moroccan sunshine <3

Whilst talking about YSL, me and my boyfriend (forced him to go with me) were gonna go and see the film last night, and once we arrived to the cinema the tickets were sold out, bummer! Funny thing is that we were gonna see it the week before, but we were too late, so we missed it… now I’m hoping we get to see it next week! Orange wednesdays you know, 2 for 1 deal ;) Have any of you seen it yet? x


grass IMG_8130

grass aiir nIMG_8143

grass 3IMG_8128

White blouse: unknown, trousers: gina tricot, shoes: nilsons, coat: whistles, sunnies: topshop, gloves: tiger of sweden

Wow I’ve been very productive today! Laundry, cleaning, been out and about, grocery shopping, done it all! Have some more blog things to do, shower and then it’s sleepy time! Will be needing my beauty sleep for tomorrow you see !xx


black whi

One of the trends going on right now is the “white and black trend” A very minimalistic and clean trend, which I really like! Here’s three great outfits using only white & black! It’s a nice simple look to pull off, you don’t need to complicate it for yourself, put on a white shirt and a pair of leather trousers, not only have you then pulled of this trend but also the “mixing rough with something soft” trend! So two in one! Win win!

How do you feel about this trend, like? not like? :)

Now I’m gonna go and have lunch with one of my friends in town, todels! xx :)


Trousers and blazer: gina tricot, blouse: vintage, shoes: choies.com, belt: tiger of sweden, necklace: dolce & gabbana

Wore my off white blazer today!

Now there’s nothing fun on tv tonight, so gonna do some drawing, need to finish that portrait! todeloo!