pics by Lina Borg, edit by me

Leather skirt: Cubus, tee & bomber jacket: gina tricot, heels: bought in macedonia, sunnies: topshop, jewellery: ur & penn

Thought I’d take out this quilted leather skirt for a little spin! Long time no see it was! Don’t usually wear skirts or dresses, much more of a trousers, shorts kinda gal!

Me and the man are right now at my friends place for a crayfish event/dinner, it’s a swedish tradition, where you gather many friends or family and eat lots of crayfish! And I’ve never been to one of these little events, so this is all new to me and my boyfriend!!! Exciting times!

black in








black innn

Mesh top: h&m, tube top underneath: h&m (old), quilted leather skirt: Cubus, sunnies: h&m, heels: from macedonia, bag: & other stories, bracelet: Cheap Monday, necklace: vintage

Here’s another outfit taken in Macedonia, in Bitola, the town my parents are from :) All black… again.. can’t help it! What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after an entire day at my brother’s place, spending time with his family, my nephew and niece, oh they’re such cutiepies!! love :) A perfect sunday! xx













keps 3IMG_3352


tank: bikbok, bomber: gina tricot, leather skirt: cubus, tights: h&m, shoes: vintage Dr Martens, gloves: tiger of sweden, cap: old, unknown

As you can see I’m pretty fond of my basket tank, As soon as I buy something new, I can’t stop wearing it! Anyhow let’s get to the point, CAN IT PLEASE STOP SNOWING ALREADY?!? Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow in this country! And no, there’s no polarbear’s walking around on the streets in sweden, that’s a myth!

It’s quite funny, cause whenever I’m in London and tell people that I’m from Sweden, every reaction is the same, they go “Oh sweden, oauuchh freezing country!” No, it’s not really freezing, up  north sure, but not everywhere else! It’s pretty much the same weather as in London, minus all the rain, doesn’t rain as much here. So I’m from very south of Sweden, couldn’t get any hotter then here, and to see THIS much snow, is getting a bit weird, some winters we don’t even get snow, and now it just went overboard.. I’m fed up I am!

So now I got that out of my systeme, we can now move on, the video I was telling you about yesterday, thought I’d finished it so I could show you it today, but noticed that I need to retouch it a bit, will show you it tomorrow instead :) xx



coat: whistles, levi’s vest: rokit vintage, skirt: cubus, beanie: lindex, shoes:

Wow been out and about the entire day today, feels like I haven’t been this active since 2004 maybe? haha, no, joke, but I was away earlier today, then to my sister’s, then away to buy a x mas tree, then back to my sister’s decorated it, looks AMAZING, if I may say. Then I left straight to met up with a friend of mine, we took a really long evening walk, real cosy, we walked around for like two hours, I wasn’t cold, but then in the end we stood still for quite a while, so that was when the freezing began, BUT let me inform you, that before I went to my sister’s I was SO prepared for the weather, put on jeans, tights underneath, two jumperS, my beanie, a hoodie, gloves the whole thing, so once I stepped out of the door a satisfying smile appeared on my face, YES for ONCE I wasn’t cold! Well proud of myself!!! But now one my way back home, oohh.. even though I had so many layers, I was freezing.

Oh and p.s sorry for the very bad quality pic, my mum took the good camera with her to Australia, so gonna have this other one for a bit.. which is quite shit, but hopefully gonna get a new one fairly soon! fingers crossed!

One more thing, had more pictures from today. but because my camera is being a dick, so that combined with the days here being so dark… not a great combo..So therefore just one pic.. xx




track top: Adidas, vest:, skirt: cubus, bracelet: mmm for h&m

A bit sporty ey!

So two things, first, why do I all of a sudden have adverts coming up on my blog, didn’t have it last month? Do you guys have it too? Can I delete them? they’re really annoying.. And second, sometimes I can’t reply on some comments. dunno why, it’s weird, the reply thing just won’t come up, so now you know why :)

Gonna cosy up now with a hot cocoa and some lussekatter, swedish x mas buns :)





Shoes: mango, sequins top: vintage, skirt: cubus, bracelets: mmm for h&m

Wowzaa, loads of people from Macedonia has been looking at my blog today! so fun! :) I’m born in sweden but my parents are from Bitola in Macedonia, we have a flat over there, so we love to go there!  hope I see you all here again! :)


blazer: gina tricot, dress (made into a vest), skirt: cubus, shoes: mango, necklace: vintage, clutch:, bracelet: vintage.

So here’s the new dress that I turned into a vest, never wear dresses, and I didn’t thought it was gonna be a proper dress, so hello scissors, and hello vest, much better this way! Now, thinking if I should force my nephew to watch a movie with me, let’s see how that goes!