cheap monday

I should live in salt



Today’s, New skirt, sunnies and a new hat, hello!

Been a lush day today, been in the park with a friend of mine and after that me and my family had a BBQ, yum yum, can’t complain! Also for once I’ve actually been off work all weekend plus tomorrow, yeah! so gonna cuddle up in a bit with the latest episode of game of thrones and later some football!

Wicked game



Hello! you ready for a new week? I sure am, hoping it’s gonna be less of a snowy one though.. Been baa oaky sitting indoors all last week, cause of the snowy weather, I’m pretty done with winter times now, spring hello where are u?!? Come to me!!

Anyways, watched the wolf of Wall Street for the second time last night, it was just as awesome as the first time around, Leo and Scorsese love!

Today it’s writing time for The Fashionography :) Todels!

earrings: Cheap Monday









Top: Topshop, Mesh top underneath: h&m, leather shorts: bikbok, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: h&m, necklace & gold rings: h&m, silver rings: gina tricot, the thin silver rings: Meloa, bracelet: Cheap Monday

Fave clothing item this year is deffo my baggy leather shorts, oh still love em so much! Been wearing them loads! a win win!

So now I’m home, after spending the day at my friend’s place who’s moving to India! Me and my other friend, helped her out with the packing :)

Now I’m starving, meeting some other friends in about an hour, and were going out for a meal, at a place that has lush food, mm gonna be so good! It’s a “see you soon” dinner for my other friend, the one who’s moving to Gothenburg tomorrow! So we’re gonna have a proper girls night! Hm, what shall I wear though, no idea! Made my makeup already, went for a black smokey eye, hair down, but what clothes, hm, will have to have a think! xx

black in








black innn

Mesh top: h&m, tube top underneath: h&m (old), quilted leather skirt: Cubus, sunnies: h&m, heels: from macedonia, bag: & other stories, bracelet: Cheap Monday, necklace: vintage

Here’s another outfit taken in Macedonia, in Bitola, the town my parents are from :) All black… again.. can’t help it! What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after an entire day at my brother’s place, spending time with his family, my nephew and niece, oh they’re such cutiepies!! love :) A perfect sunday! xx
















Tee: Topshop, leather shorts: Bikbok, heels: Mango, clutch:, sunnies: H&M, rings: gina tricot, bracelet: Cheap Monday

This is one of the outfits from Macedonia :)

This is just outside where my aunt lives actually! Super cosy, up on the mountain :), you can also see all the beautiful Balkan mountains in the background, oh the nature over there is just to die for! I get amazed every time I go there! <3 perfect nature for cool pics!


beach 3IMG_9075


beach IMG_9073

Top: Acne, leather jacket: topshop, jeans: cheap monday, heels: h&m, wallet: hermés sunnies: brick lane london, necklace: vintage

This is what I wore when we went to the beach the other day, wasn’t really cleaver to wear heels, but to be fair, I didn’t know we were gonna end up there, also ended up just being there for like 10 min, cause it was freezing! And we didn’t expect that, but it was beautiful :) can’t wait till it gets real warm and you can lay on the beach and take a swim!

Been having a great day today, as I said before, I met up with my friend in town and sat down at a cafe, where I had the most AMAZING chicken bacon bagel, oh my, food orgasm I say! It has this sauce which was just to die for, yum! Have to go there again! We sat at the cafe for like 3 hours, crazy, the time ran real fast, guess we had a lot to catch up on! :) Then we took a little walk around town, and found this fab tree, pink and just perfect! Where we just had to take some pics, we were certainly not the only ones with this thought , pretty much everyone who passed the tree stopped to take pics of it!


black wgIMG_8235

blackk wIMG_8217


Blazer: gina tricot, jeans: cheap monday, top: acne, shoes: nilsons, bag: hermés, sunnies: brick lane

All black, like?

Me and the man had some lunch in town today, real nice! and now we’re cooking up a home made pizza, yummy, gonna eat it while watching the voice uk, yees!!




red 3IMG_7688

Blazer: gina tricot, jeans: cheap monday, heels & necklace: h&m, tank: bikbok, sunnies: vintage ray-bans, bag: hermés, gloves: tiger of sweden

Took me ages to upload these pics, I have a full media library again… so I really need to buy some more space, might do ít tomorrow! Now I’m gonna continue to watch Alan carr! and just chill :) xx



blue 5IMG_7470

blue ny

Top: Mango, Jeans: Cheap Monday, heels: Zara, clutch:, sunnies: Topshop, necklace: vintage

Excuse the colour of my hair today… didn’t have any time to redye it yesterday, so it doesn’t look too good.. , will try to do it either tonight or tomorrow! :) Now I’m gonna watch the great british bakeoff! woop woop! xx






Jeans: Cheap Monday, shirt: unknown, jumper & backpack: rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, necklace: h&m, sunnies: topshop

Wore this leopard printed jumper today, haven’t worn it for ages! Thought I’d give it a go! Oh u can see the sun on the pics, oh it was so nice! Now, I might have some more of that pavlova cake, yummyy! can’t get enough!! ha! xx