Make a statement:from the left: Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Kenzo, Martin Margiela, Acne, Martin Margiela
Stand out: from left: Charlotte Olympia, Judith Leiber, Givenchy, Givenchy, Mary Katranzou

A few of my favourite clutches at the moment!

The bags this season are so innovative and fun, cool shapes and hot materials! They can spice up any ordinary outfit and make it look unique!

I mean how how hot isn’t the Olympia lemon clutch? And my ultimate favourite is the Givenchy madonna clutches! Want!! Also the Margiela ones, love em!

Which ones do you like of the above? :)

Hey sorry that I didn’t update anything yesterday had a busy day, some friends were down from Stockholm, so spent the entire with them, chilled out on the beach, and then in the evening we had a BBQ quite a few of us at my friends allotment, beer and great food, such a great day! :)

Now I’m gonna make a smoothie :) yum!


First row from the left: Choker necklace,, Sweater: Givenchy,, Michael Kors watch, Second row: Zara heels, leather patent skirt: Gucci, sunnies:, Third row: Clutch: Acne, rings: Balenciaga

Another one of my dream outfits, wouldn’t mind walking around in something like this! You like? I just love that golden choker necklace, think it’s wicked!

Been home now for a while, did our errands, and sorted out my iphone 5, so gonna be all geeky and play with it tonight, have to do one of those “need your number” page on facebook, cause I’ve managed to loose all my numbers, while changing sim card and all, can’t really stand it when people do those pages, dunno why, but I just gotta do it!


black wgIMG_8235

blackk wIMG_8217


Blazer: gina tricot, jeans: cheap monday, top: acne, shoes: nilsons, bag: hermés, sunnies: brick lane

All black, like?

Me and the man had some lunch in town today, real nice! and now we’re cooking up a home made pizza, yummy, gonna eat it while watching the voice uk, yees!!


Top row from left: dress:, leather jacket: gina tricot, chanel nude lipstick, backpack:, underneath from left: DM’s, Acne shoes, sunnies:, pink rouge from topshop

Summer is getting closer and closer, and I can’t wait!! This is one of my summer dream outfit, Would also be a perfect festival look. add a pair of Hunter wellies, and ur ready for the festival mud!

Now, I’m not much for dresses and skirts, but would love to have a cute little floral dress, and wear it with my oversized leather jacket, a bit grungy, like like!



Above from left: Leather shorts:, pink rouge: Topshop, Acne shoes, underneath from left: Givenchy tee, Chanel lipstick, leather tee: topshop

A few things that are on the top of my wishlist atm! Quite into pink makeup lately, think it’s very springy and cute! Also found this leather tee from Topshop, want want want! A pair of leather shorts for summer, NEED! A givenchy look alike tee, a baggy one! And check out this Acne show, how cool aren’t they?!? Pretty cool!

P.s. just realised that it’s already 7 o clock! Oh my, time is running fast today!, Also went out to pick up my new hairdye, I always order from THIS swedish website, think they’re good, you get the products in 2 or 3 days! Since I started dying my hair purple I’ve used Crazy Color, but noticed that it doesn’t last long at all! I have to redye it every week! So I googled it, and read that the brand “Directions” is supposed to be better, therefore I ordered two of the  violet color, Directions, and thank god I ordered two, cause they’re tiny!!! Super small! 80ml, I think it’s in one, in crazy color there was at least 100 ml in a bottle, So I hope this brand is better now and more long lasting, cause it was like 18 pounds for those two tiny ones… but I always mix it with conditioner so it lasts longer, also a great thing if you want a lighter colour ;) ! xx



Top row from left:: Ray Bans, Acne, Bracelet:, underneath from the left: Acne clutch, Skirt :, heels: Zara

One of the biggest trends this year is Black and white, also Leather, and the two strap heel, in this outfit we combine them all! Tuck in some of the Acne tee in the skirt, get ur hot heels on, and ur ready!

You like?

Came home a while ago, after spending some hours in town with a friend of mine, had a great time, also it’s been so sunny today, so win win! Now, I’m thinking about making myself some waffles! yeah u heard me! waffels! Never really eat them, so weird , yesterday while in the super market, it just came to me ” WAFFLES! let buy waffle batter!” We do have an waffle iron at home, so thought it was time to give it a go, and once I got to the shelf, I notice it’s just one package left, I was like “that’s weird, didn’t know they were SO popular” And weirdly, coming home, I found out it was the “day of the waffles” ha, coinsidence! Didn’t even know a day like that existed here in Sweden, obviously my subconscious apperently knew..



Some of my favourite bags at the moment, wouldn’t mind having these in my wardrobe!

You like any of them? :) Which one is ur fave?

Now, I’m out in town for a cup of tea with a friend of mine, todels! xx :)


acne  sh


Besides Celine ss 13 and Wang aw 13-14 now also Acne aw 13-14 is showing the more “softer shoes” at the catwalk, hot or not?

Oh my it’s so sunny out today! Amazing how much the weather can reflect on your mood! I’ve been outside, been taking pictures of some spring flowers, after that I’ve been sitting in the sunshine at my balcony, listening to some great music! Can’t wait for summer now! :) xx