Jardin Majorelle



Some more pics from me and my sister’s Marrakech trip :) Our second day in the city we went to visit Jardin Majorelle, which is a beautiful garden, which was a fave of Yves Saint Laurent who’s memorial is held in the heart of the garden. Oh how I miss the Moroccan sunshine <3

Whilst talking about YSL, me and my boyfriend (forced him to go with me) were gonna go and see the film last night, and once we arrived to the cinema the tickets were sold out, bummer! Funny thing is that we were gonna see it the week before, but we were too late, so we missed it… now I’m hoping we get to see it next week! Orange wednesdays you know, 2 for 1 deal ;) Have any of you seen it yet? x

La Mamounia




pallmm3 copy

Hiya! Sorry for slow updates lately, flew to London on Monday, and since then I’ve been a bit of a busy bird! Anyways, thought I’d share with you another outfit from Morocco, me and my sister went to visit the luxury hotel, La Mamounia, where some parts of sex and the city 2 were filmed, so it was cool to check it out!

Gosh now I’m super hungry! I have prepared jerk chicken for me and my man to dine tonight, we’ve never had it before, but by the sounds of it, it seems lush! Have a lovely evening you all, todels! xx


marr real



Right before I left for Marrakech, my mum went through her wardrobe and found these amazing red printed trousers which she had made ages ago, I tried them on, and hello perfect Moroccan trousers! Completely fell in love with them, and oh so comfy, they’re made in this amazing thin silk which makes it feel like your not wearing anything at all! So glad I got to borrow them for my Marrakech trip, you like? x


beach 3IMG_9075


beach IMG_9073

Top: Acne, leather jacket: topshop, jeans: cheap monday, heels: h&m, wallet: hermés sunnies: brick lane london, necklace: vintage

This is what I wore when we went to the beach the other day, wasn’t really cleaver to wear heels, but to be fair, I didn’t know we were gonna end up there, also ended up just being there for like 10 min, cause it was freezing! And we didn’t expect that, but it was beautiful :) can’t wait till it gets real warm and you can lay on the beach and take a swim!

Been having a great day today, as I said before, I met up with my friend in town and sat down at a cafe, where I had the most AMAZING chicken bacon bagel, oh my, food orgasm I say! It has this sauce which was just to die for, yum! Have to go there again! We sat at the cafe for like 3 hours, crazy, the time ran real fast, guess we had a lot to catch up on! :) Then we took a little walk around town, and found this fab tree, pink and just perfect! Where we just had to take some pics, we were certainly not the only ones with this thought , pretty much everyone who passed the tree stopped to take pics of it!



Top row from left:: Ray Bans, Acne, Bracelet: fashiolista.com, underneath from the left: Acne clutch, Skirt : fashiolista.com, heels: Zara

One of the biggest trends this year is Black and white, also Leather, and the two strap heel, in this outfit we combine them all! Tuck in some of the Acne tee in the skirt, get ur hot heels on, and ur ready!

You like?

Came home a while ago, after spending some hours in town with a friend of mine, had a great time, also it’s been so sunny today, so win win! Now, I’m thinking about making myself some waffles! yeah u heard me! waffels! Never really eat them, so weird , yesterday while in the super market, it just came to me ” WAFFLES! let buy waffle batter!” We do have an waffle iron at home, so thought it was time to give it a go, and once I got to the shelf, I notice it’s just one package left, I was like “that’s weird, didn’t know they were SO popular” And weirdly, coming home, I found out it was the “day of the waffles” ha, coinsidence! Didn’t even know a day like that existed here in Sweden, obviously my subconscious apperently knew..




Hello helloo! Right now I’m dying my hair AGAIN, ohh my it has a life of it’s own nowadays.. no but I’m a bit fed up, reason why is cause  I’ve been dying my hair with “Crazy color” and have now noticed that it fades out only after a few days! and that’s without me washing it! Been confuced cause thought Crazy color was really good, but read last night that “Directions” is supposed to be the best hairdye that lasts longer! So gonna buy that one tonight, cause it’s annoying and mind you expensive to have to dye your hair every week!

Alright better wash it out now, hope it turns out ok!



leather shorts: bikbok, shirt: unkown, bracelet: maison martin margiela for h&m, sunnies: vintage ray-bans

Just this one pic for you all today, sorry, but my camera seems to be having a go.. don’t know what’s happening, just won’t really focus, very fishy indeed! Anyhow I’m soooo tired, feel like a zombie, a walking dead, haha guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Also today Bang Bang by Cher has been played on repeat, OH yeeahh, such a tune! I think many people think of the Kill Bill version, not knowing that Cher made the original, and it’s bloody awesome! You can listen to it HERE! you almost have to :)



Fur: vintage, hoodie: h&m, vest: rokit vintage, hat: åhléns, shoes: mango, necklace: vintage, bracelets: thomas sabo, mmm for margiela, rings: gina tricot, sunnies: vintage ray-bans

Woohoo my fur is here! happy times! I look a bit angry on the first pic… whatever, baked the buns , and had a few , SO good!