Tee: Topshop, leather shorts: Bikbok, heels: Mango, clutch:, sunnies: H&M, rings: gina tricot, bracelet: Cheap Monday

This is one of the outfits from Macedonia :)

This is just outside where my aunt lives actually! Super cosy, up on the mountain :), you can also see all the beautiful Balkan mountains in the background, oh the nature over there is just to die for! I get amazed every time I go there! <3 perfect nature for cool pics!


Some fave items of mine, especially in love with the Maybelline eyeliner, the best liquid eyeliner ever, and extremely easy to apply!! Really recommend! Also, the hairspray is my best buddy, dunno what I would do without it! The Thomas Sabo bracelet that I got from my boyfriend, is pretty much always on my left wrist <3

Do you have any fave items of yours, that you just couldn’t live without? :)

P.s I dreamt last night that I was at a Mötley Crue concert, and they sang “cause I’m alive LIVE WIIIIIREEEEEE” , the whole thing felt very random! So I just had to play that tune as soon as I woke up, oh yeaah.



blue 5IMG_7470

blue ny

Top: Mango, Jeans: Cheap Monday, heels: Zara, clutch:, sunnies: Topshop, necklace: vintage

Excuse the colour of my hair today… didn’t have any time to redye it yesterday, so it doesn’t look too good.. , will try to do it either tonight or tomorrow! :) Now I’m gonna watch the great british bakeoff! woop woop! xx


colour blooo



Tee: Mango, trousers: topshop, shoes: h&m, necklace: vintage, sunnies: topshop bracelet: thomas sabo

The last of the outfit pics from Prague! Got this tee from Mango there too :)

Hope you are all having a cosy tuesday evening! xx






track jacket: adidas, white shirt: unknown, leather trousers: nowhere, shoes: mango, bracelet: vintage, ring: bvlgari

Here’s my new leather trousers, super happy with them! They’re from the brand nowhere which you can find at, they have em in a real nice dark green colour too! But cause I do love my black, I went for the black pair, all though the green were tempting, it’s gonna be the colour of 2013 I hear!

So right now I’m listening to Time to dance by the shoes, which was our spring / summer tune in London this year, haven’t listened to it for ages, so I just put it on, and it’s still bloody great! If you wanna get into the dance mode, this is the tune! The video is awesome too, it’s with Jake Gyllenhaal, and he plays a serial killer, and some of the video is filmed where I used to live in east london! Pretty sure they’re filming when Jake goes into a club called Alibi, which I’ve have many memories from, actually met my boyfriend in there! ha!

Watch it HERE if you want! And dance away!





Shoes: mango, sequins top: vintage, skirt: cubus, bracelets: mmm for h&m

Wowzaa, loads of people from Macedonia has been looking at my blog today! so fun! :) I’m born in sweden but my parents are from Bitola in Macedonia, we have a flat over there, so we love to go there!  hope I see you all here again! :)


Fur: vintage, hoodie: h&m, vest: rokit vintage, hat: åhléns, shoes: mango, necklace: vintage, bracelets: thomas sabo, mmm for margiela, rings: gina tricot, sunnies: vintage ray-bans

Woohoo my fur is here! happy times! I look a bit angry on the first pic… whatever, baked the buns , and had a few , SO good!


Denim: cheap monday, jumper: gina tricot, hat: lindex, military jacket: rokit vintage, necklace: vintage, shoes: mango

Just made fajitas, oh it was real good!

Love the Black Keys. saw them live when they played in London, so good! but lately I keep forgetting about them, every night just before bed, I’m like “the black keys, why don’t I listen to them nowadays?, should listen to them tomorrow morning” then next morning I forget, but TODAY  I remembered, Baby I’m howlin´for you, such a tune! If you’re not aware of this amazing band, listen and watch the great video HERE  !