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606 Nude


Bought this new nude nail polish the other week, and I’m loving it! It’s the Isadora’s 606 Nude, wonder nail.

And I have to say that the Isadora nail polishes I’ve tried have been so good, quite impressive, makes the perfect coat and the brush is great! Recommend! So easy to apply and looks amazing! Also the this colour is lovely, gives a clean look! Like!





Bracelet: GoGo Philip, you can get it HERE!/ Nailpolish: Urban Outfitters

Two more items that I got from London, this bracelet and a very neon nailpolish! Not sure how to use the nailpolish, think it might be too much doing every nail in that colour, hm… any suggestions? :)



pics:, fanny lyckman blog

Let’s keep up that nail inspiration ey! Still haven’t been biting my nails! (trying to quit) it’s so ON!  I love long nude nails, like on the first pic, think it’s gorgeous! Also hot pink ones, ohyeah! And really like the idea of one nail painted differently, like on the third pic!

What do you think? How do you guys usually have your nails?

I had for once a good nights sleep! not feeling like the walking dead today, like I kinda felt yesterday.. so it’s happy times! The weather is mental outside! almost feels like a storm is coming, cause it’s VERY windy! also rained heavily before, now it’s looking better though! Gonna get ready soon to meet my friend for a cup of tea in town :) gonna be cosy!





whiiteee ny


So a few of you out there already know about my nailbiting addiction, and my struggle to get clean from it! it’s a hard life indeed.. Anyways, last winter I decided to stop biting my nails, and so I did, and was real proud of myself, bought loads of nailpolish, and just got extremely obsessed with fixing my nails, the pics above are from those happy nail times!

Then one dark and sad day, one after one nail just kept breaking, and not just a tiny bit, they broke in half! Agh the pain! People said that it was probably cause it was so cold outside at the time, anyways, this was a very sad time, and what will a nailbiter do when half of their nails are broken?!? Well obviously bite them to adjust them! So here we were back to square 1 again. I just went SCREW IT! if the nails are gonna give up on me, when I’ve been so damn good not biting them! then FUCK IT!

But now my friends, I feel it’s time for round 2 in the whole “stop biting your nails Mia” project. It’s been three days so far, and it’s going well! It’s on Nails, you are NOT GONNA OVERPOWER ME!!



white necklace nyy


white nyyy


whiiteee ny

galler 5

What girl doesn’t like some bling?! I sure do, as you can see! Used to wear loads more back in the days, my arms were always covered by bracelets, now I’m more for the “less is more”, I like the “statement” pieces more nowadays. When it comes to bracelets and necklaces, but rings are different, more is more! can’t get enough of rings!

Also I miss my nails! I stopped biting them, and they got all long , nice and strong!, I got completely addicted to paint them! Then one sad day, they all just broke :( they were probably not used to being alive for so long, so since then, I will admit that , yes I have started to bite them again…. I wanna stop though! I try not too! Wanna make them all pretty again! Bought these nice polka dots nail stickers, thought I’d save them for something special, but then the nails broke :(, so never happened, grow nails GROW for me!!! (I’m actually biting a bit, now typing this,ahh.. dammit!) No, enough is enough !








Coat: Whistles, white shirt: unknown, Mesh top: H&M, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes:, cap: unknown, rings: bvlgari, gina tricot

Wore my mesh top today again, love it! But this time over a white shirt, which I thought looked quite cool! So did some shopping earlier on today, and had a family dinner, it’s a holiday in Macedonia today, where the whole family gathers for dinner, you then put a coin in the food, put the food on the table , spin the plate with the food around, three times, and the piece of food that ends up in front of you, that’s the piece you’re supposed to eat, and who ever gets the coin, gets lucky through out the year, and I got the coin this year, woohoo! 2013 you better be my year!



neon 5


neon 6

Adidas track, jeans: cheap monday, mesh top: h&m, shoes: creepers underground, necklaces: vintage and dolce & gabbana, rings: gina tricot, big silver ring: weekday, beanie: lindex

FINALLY found myself the perfect long sleeve mesh top! I’m loving it!! Also painted just one of my nails gold, from the nailpolish I got yesterday, it looked how I imagined! Like the idea of having just one nail in a different colour!