New york



Some streetstyle from New York fashion week! We can see that Miroslava in the middle was well prepared for the snowstorm!

Sorry for the late update, overslept, and been doing loads of laundry today! So just finished :)

Hey it’s friday friday today as Rebecca black says ! Anyone got any fun plans? :)





balooonnnyy IMG_3468

Thought it would be quite fun to take some pics with the balloons from yesterday’s birthday party :) P.s the party for my little nephew went great! He’s obsessed with Lightning McQueen , you know from the movie Cars? Anyhow, we drew lightning Mcqueen on the cake!! Success that was! Me and mum were well proud :) haha!

Now, tea time! later I’m gonna watch fashion police, think the Bafta episode is gonna be out online (p.s did you see how amazing Marion Cotillard looked last night in her Dior bright yellow dress, check it out HERE ehm Best dressed nominee from me! That dress and the other Dior dress she wore at the SAG awards, thumbs up Marion!! Anyhow love to Joan Rivers, she’s hilarious! And everytime I watch fashion police and see Kelly Osbourne in her amazing lilac hair, I always feel like dying my hair all lilac, but no, think I would get tired of it very fast!



keps 3IMG_3352


tank: bikbok, bomber: gina tricot, leather skirt: cubus, tights: h&m, shoes: vintage Dr Martens, gloves: tiger of sweden, cap: old, unknown

As you can see I’m pretty fond of my basket tank, As soon as I buy something new, I can’t stop wearing it! Anyhow let’s get to the point, CAN IT PLEASE STOP SNOWING ALREADY?!? Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow in this country! And no, there’s no polarbear’s walking around on the streets in sweden, that’s a myth!

It’s quite funny, cause whenever I’m in London and tell people that I’m from Sweden, every reaction is the same, they go “Oh sweden, oauuchh freezing country!” No, it’s not really freezing, up  north sure, but not everywhere else! It’s pretty much the same weather as in London, minus all the rain, doesn’t rain as much here. So I’m from very south of Sweden, couldn’t get any hotter then here, and to see THIS much snow, is getting a bit weird, some winters we don’t even get snow, and now it just went overboard.. I’m fed up I am!

So now I got that out of my systeme, we can now move on, the video I was telling you about yesterday, thought I’d finished it so I could show you it today, but noticed that I need to retouch it a bit, will show you it tomorrow instead :) xx



Three amazing coats! Wouldn’t mind owning all three of them!

Which one is your fave?

I can’t make up my mind, like them all!

I’m wathing some of the old Peep Show episodes again, and just now was the episode when Mark has a party, and Super Hans brings a snake, Mark looks at him and goes “you brought a snake to my party?” haha real wtf moment, love super hans! New episode comes tomorrow, woho!



coat 2


jumper and leather leggins: gina tricot, coat: whistles, shirt: unknown, shoes:

So when you’re out and about these winter days it’s tricky to decide what to wear, cause you can’t really have skirts or such in this weather, way too cold, so trousers are pretty much the only option, with tights underneath, and many many layers of much more clothing! Cause today was super cold, almost needed to cover my face with my scarf!

Anyhow, what’s new, well just now I saw that my friend had met Jude Law today, now two of my friends have met him, what about ME?!?! I used to hang out in the neighbourhod where he lives, but still not a sight of him! why WHY?!

Also my dear HSBC bank, who I thought I had become friends with (we have had some big issues in our relationship) has decided not to cancel my direct debit to my ex landlord, so my bank just keeps paying him, NOT OK! second time it’s happened, think the landlord is a bit annoyed of this now. And to be frank I’m getting pretty poor because of this! But everything is gonna be fine now I hope! finger’s crossed!