Ben Youssef Medersa

marra doneMe and my sis went and visited an old koran school in Marrakech called Ben Youssef Medersa, as you can see it was very beautiful! And for this day I thought I’d pair up my stripy blouse with my stripy trousers, and hello it looks like a jumpsuit! Me likey! 

Also I’m back in Sweden today, woho, having a cosy friday night in :) have a lovely evening all of you! xx



 Hello hello!

The plan for the day is to meet a friend of mine later on, for some tea or something :) catching up time!

Also now it’s only two days until my boyfriend from London comes! Haven’t seen him in like 4 months or so, so I’m longing for him badly! The countdown is on! He’s gonna come here on Friday, and then we might spend saturday in Copenhagen, go for dinner at my friends place in the evening, and just chill the weekend, before we head to London together on Monday, where I will be staying till sunday, so a week :) Gonna be super cosy to be with him but also to meet all my friends over there!! Ahh!! can’t wait!













Skirt: Weekday, top: Monki, heels: Bought in Macedonia, leather jacket: Rokit Vintage

This is my new top from Monki, which I LOVE, it has very fast become one of my fave items! Just love that it’s high neck, you can wear it to casual looks, but also for going out, with black skinnies, and some bling bling! Me likey!

I’ve been spending my day in our allotment with the family, such a warm and nice day! :) And my 4 year old nephew wanted to stay the night at ours, so we’re having a little guy running around here :) cosy! Gonna go and cuddle up with him now! xx



Of the outfit coming up! 

Hello hello, sorry I haven’t updated that much this weekend! But it’s because I’ve been staying at my sister’s place cause our cousin from Australia is here, and she stayed at my sister’s place too, so we had two amazing days together! Before she moved to her other cousin’s place to stay for a bit.

We had a lovely time, and she’s got the cutest little 5 year old girl called Belle, oh my, she’s so sweet!! I did her hair on saturday before we went out for dinner :) I made a fishtail braid, and put a flower in the braid :) She also let me borrow a few of her bracelets, so we could match :) Oh such a cuddler! Gonna see them once more, hopefully, before they head back to Australia, which they’ll do on thursday. Wish they could stay longer!

Now I’m gonna get ready to head over to our allotment, cause my brother and his kids are gonna come there, so it’s gonna be a cosy family day! :)

Have a great day everyone! xxx


tattoo 4 IMG_8264

tatoo 2IMG_8296


Here’s some pics from when my cousin Bobby tattoed my boyfriend the other day, a ship attached to an air balloon with the Rolling Stones song title “Gimme Shelter” written on it. My cousin is one of the best tattoo artists in Sweden, so my boyfriend obviously wanted a bit of that talent on his arm! It was so nice and chilled out when we got to the studio, we sat down, he drew the tattoo, and we could listen to our fave music loud while we were there! We had such a great time! Great to catch up with my cousin too, he’s such a cool and fun guy, love him!

What do you think of the tattoo? :) My boyfriend couldn’t be happier, he’s so in love with it! We all are! I think it’s well cool! (pstt, the pic is taken right when it’s done, so it’s obiously a bit red and swollen at the time, now when it’s healed it looks even better!)

 You can check out my cousin’s tattoo website HERE! :)