coat: whistles, levi’s vest: rokit vintage, skirt: cubus, beanie: lindex, shoes:

Wow been out and about the entire day today, feels like I haven’t been this active since 2004 maybe? haha, no, joke, but I was away earlier today, then to my sister’s, then away to buy a x mas tree, then back to my sister’s decorated it, looks AMAZING, if I may say. Then I left straight to met up with a friend of mine, we took a really long evening walk, real cosy, we walked around for like two hours, I wasn’t cold, but then in the end we stood still for quite a while, so that was when the freezing began, BUT let me inform you, that before I went to my sister’s I was SO prepared for the weather, put on jeans, tights underneath, two jumperS, my beanie, a hoodie, gloves the whole thing, so once I stepped out of the door a satisfying smile appeared on my face, YES for ONCE I wasn’t cold! Well proud of myself!!! But now one my way back home, oohh.. even though I had so many layers, I was freezing.

Oh and p.s sorry for the very bad quality pic, my mum took the good camera with her to Australia, so gonna have this other one for a bit.. which is quite shit, but hopefully gonna get a new one fairly soon! fingers crossed!

One more thing, had more pictures from today. but because my camera is being a dick, so that combined with the days here being so dark… not a great combo..So therefore just one pic.. xx



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