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So pleased with my new Topshop tee! Been wanting this one for ages, but never saw it in stores, then the first time it came online, it sold out real quickly, so thought, shiat, guess it wasn’t meant to be, but then they got it in online again, and I was fast enough to click myself home one! I love it! You can wear it as a oversized tee or as a dress! Also the new Zara shoes are on, just for the pics though, cause the weather doesn’t allow these kinda heels yet, still some snow out..

Also, I still feel quite ill, I’ve never had a cold before that’s been lasting this long!  A whole week it’s been, my nose is much better now, but my throat is a bit off some times, also my ear hasn’t got back it’s mojo, have a bit of a headache too.. ahh, stop it germs, stop it! :(






Coat: Whistles, shirt: h&m, leather trousers: Nowhere, shoes: Urban Outfitters, sunnies: Topshop

Got some new stripes ey, this new shirt from h&m! :)

Now chilling out time for moi! todeloo! xx

base nyyaste


bas nyyyy

Leather trousers: Nowhere, tee: Topshop, Bomber jacket: Gina tricot, gloves : Tiger of sweden, shoes:, Sunnies: Topshop

Got this tee and sunnies from Topshop in Prague :) especially loving the sunnies!

I just had pizza while watching new girl and girls, (yes, been a bit too much pizza for me lately, but whatever, I was in the mood for it!) Before picking up my pizza, which is basically just around my building, nerdy as I am I’d prepared a little joke about the pizza I was getting that I thought was pretty cleaver, so I went in, dropped my joke for the pizza guy, and it was a failiure, he just looked at me, didn’t even give me a smile, awkward moment haha! dammit! they have to like me in there, it’s my pizza place, and it was funny!!!

 Also might watch Beyonce life is but a dream tonight, have been quite excited about this documentary, so I hope it’s good! :)




minttt neww IMG_3549

minntttt ny

I got this mint turtleneck jumper yesterday! Super happy with it, been wanting a big turtleneck with a massive collar like this one, so when I saw this one in stores I just had to go fot it!  And it’s in colour too, not very common for being me! My first mint piece in my wardrobe! :)


bomber ny

bombber nyy

Bomber jacket: gina tricot, leather trousers: Nowhere, shirt: rokit vintage, shoes: h&m, gloves: tiger of sweden, beanie: my brothers

Hello hello! Been a bit busy today, went to my brother’s place for a few hours, then I went to the mall with a friend of mine, just came home, and I’m so tired, so just gonna cuddle up and watch something now :) xxx

Oh p.s my hair is more purple then it looks like on the pics, but I’ve ordered more purple colour so hopefully it´ll arrive tomorrow :)


basket ny




Bomber jacket: gina tricot, basket tank: bik bok, leather trousers: nowhere, shoes: h&m, necklace: vintage

Woho bought this bomber and basket tank yesterday! Got overwhelmed when I saw the basket tank in the shop, cause it’s been sold out pretty much everywhere, so lucky!

So here’s the haircut, bit shorter, nothing too different from before, the hairdresser was good, didn’t like how she styled it really, she made the ends go out from the hair, u know what i mean? I wouldn’t do that to my hair, so gonne be better in a few days, also gonna colour it as soon as my haircolour comes through the post!!



fuur 1


fur jacket: vintage, leather trousers: Nowhere, tee: Acne, shoes: H&m, gloves: Tiger of sweden, necklace: Dolce & gabbana

It’s very cold outside today, but I kept warm in my fur jacket :)

Haven’t done too much today, mostly just chilling out!

What are you guys up too, any plans for tonight ? :) xx