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Told you all that I went on a shopping spree whilst in London… here’s another accessory that I just couldn’t resist getting my hands on! A golden necklace from Zara, love that it kinda looks like a piercing, win win!

Today I’m having a chilled out day, relaxed a bit on the balcony before when the sun was out, now I’m just gonna do some research and later some writing :) Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, wooho exciting times! Btw, it was my b day last thursday! hello 24, I’m here!

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Went a bit on a shopping spree whilst in London.. (as I always seem to do). Have been looking for the perfect sunnies for a while now, and I finally found them! Got them in Notting Hill, on our way to Portobello Market, just in a little market shop. Love that they’re simple but still a bit of fun, just what I’ve been looking for! win win! Now all I need is some sunshine!! and heat! Come on Sweden, you can do it! I believe in you!!!

Also, have a few more pics from Marrakech I thought I’d share with you a bit later on today, so stay tuned ;)

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new in

Lately I’ve been using Maybelline’s make up products but noticed that they just don’t work for me, my skin either gets too dry or too fat, so I got very fed up with my skin and decided to do something about it! No more weird chemicals anymore, so I went for the bare minerals products, that I’ve heard lots of great things about! Tried it out yesterday and so far I’m in love with them! It feels very fresh on the skin, not oily or too dry, just perfect! hope it stays that way! I also got myself an iphone 5 today, woho!










praaggg IMG_4207

pic 1: Some beautiful buildings, I love the architecture in Prague! all the houses are painted in beautiful colours! , 2: Me having some morning cocoa at the hotel’s terrace, here’s is also were we had our breakfast buffet every morning. 3: We obviously did some shopping :) 4: we had this amazing crystal globe in the ceiling in our hotel lobby,  more shopping! 5: Our window in our hotel room, super cosy to sit there in the mornings! 6: the hotel spa, very nice! 6: some more cute buildings !

I did remember promise you some pics from when I went to Prague last month with my sister, so here’s a little photo diary! :) And pst, I so recommend Prague! If you haven’t been, go! either for a cosy weekend like I did, it’s such a cosy town! And it’s also perfect for a party weekend, which I’ve also done, Prague has a great nightlife!

Now, I just came home from some shopping time! Have bought myself two items that I’m very pleased with! will show you a pic later! ;) xx




Wow sunshine today, spring is that you?!!  happy times! Today I had lunch with two of my friends at a very nice restaurant, I had a seafood dish, very pleased! After a whole lot of girltalk , we went into some shops in hopes of getting a black tote bag and something nice to wear for the wedding I’m going to on saturday, quite disappointed of what the stores had to offer, I finally bought one of those black peplum tops, have never really liked them, been a bit against that trend, don’t really know why,  so I don’t know, well it looks good, so maybe, will have a think!

My friend also found the “perfect” black tote bag in H&M, exactly one I’ve been looking for, of course there was only one left (for some reason I’m having a bad luck shopping phase right now, can’t seem to find what I’m looking for!) ha!, so considering my friend spotted it first she got it, hopefully I can find it in another h&m shop, they didn’t have it online, hmm, but online h&m I did find these two white bags, and why don’t they exsist in black!??! WHY?!? would be perfect! actually the one to the left does exsist in black but it’s not at all exactly the same, the black one has studs on it and such, I don’t want anything like that on mine!

Now my litte neck hurts, might just get a bath and relax before dinner!


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Check out these beauties! My sister bought them in Prague, but sadly decided to exchange them the next day for another pair of shoes, anyhow, we usually have the same shoe size, so I thought “Oh perfect! I can borrow them!” but they were a bit too big, so wouldn’t been able to use em, therefore I’ve accepted the fact that she doesn’t own them anymore.

I can also admit that I was pretty tempted to buy them for myself, love that they’re in black and white, check out that heel! also that they have a bit of that sporty feel to them! but considering the amount of shopping I’ve done lately, I made the more mature decision and stayed away! Which I’m quite proud of! At least I was quick enough to get some snapshots of these beauties before they left my sight.

Now I’m gonna head out, give my dear friend a ring, whom I haven’t spoken too for ages it feels like! (really just been a week) but I miss her! So todeloo! stay tuned for outfit pics and more ;)



The metallic trend, how do you feel about it? I like it! Especially a pair of cool silver metallic shoes or a cluth, hello!

I finally did some successfull shopping today wohooo! :) will try and show you tomorrow! Oh and also getting my hair cut tomorrow, exciting times, just felt a sudden urge to have a little makeover, my hair is way too long now, starting to look like a hippie.. haha.

The last two times I’ve got my hair cut, I wasn’t happy with it, especially not when I was so excited last time I was gonna get it cut, cause I booked an appointment in this super fancy schmancy hairsalon in brick lane in london, one of those places that I’d observed for a while, seeing the fancy decor, and neon lights in there, thinking THIS is the place to get my hair cut, went in there, spent some money, came out, and failiure, the haircut wasn’t nice, and my dipdye they were gonna make, was not noticeable… Ended up making it myself! So hoping this time will be better! Never been at this place, but supposed to be good! wish me luck! :)



Woho me and my sister just booked a trip to Prague 4 nights, staying at this 5 star hotel in the center of the city! The hotel seems lush, has a spa, casino and a roofterrace, it’s ON! we’re just gonna relax, have nice dinners and do some shopping! A proper girl trip :)  It’s gonna be great! Haven’t been ouside sweden or england for a while now, so it’s definetely time to get back out there! My sister has never been to Prague before, I have, and I loved it, such a beautiful city, so gonna be exciting to see it again!

Have any of you been to prague? :) anything we have to see? xx



I’ve started to get a bit of a girl crush on this model Melissa Stasiuk, her hair is amazing and she’s super cute, love the whole 70’s vibe!

Oh my, I sure did some shopping today, I got the shoes that I posted about earlier today, from h&m, super happy! Their even nicer in real life! And I got myself some more rings, gold and silver! Woho!

Oh and I have some outfit pics for you’ll! Will show you later ;) xx