Wow sunshine today, spring is that you?!!  happy times! Today I had lunch with two of my friends at a very nice restaurant, I had a seafood dish, very pleased! After a whole lot of girltalk , we went into some shops in hopes of getting a black tote bag and something nice to wear for the wedding I’m going to on saturday, quite disappointed of what the stores had to offer, I finally bought one of those black peplum tops, have never really liked them, been a bit against that trend, don’t really know why,  so I don’t know, well it looks good, so maybe, will have a think!

My friend also found the “perfect” black tote bag in H&M, exactly one I’ve been looking for, of course there was only one left (for some reason I’m having a bad luck shopping phase right now, can’t seem to find what I’m looking for!) ha!, so considering my friend spotted it first she got it, hopefully I can find it in another h&m shop, they didn’t have it online, hmm, but online h&m I did find these two white bags, and why don’t they exsist in black!??! WHY?!? would be perfect! actually the one to the left does exsist in black but it’s not at all exactly the same, the black one has studs on it and such, I don’t want anything like that on mine!

Now my litte neck hurts, might just get a bath and relax before dinner!


  1. I haven’t been able to find a nice peplum top that looks good on me and I’ve been wondering why and how come other peeps can rock it but not me? It’s the boobs… I hate them. Peplum stuff makes my boobs look enormous and I hate that, I sometimes wish I didn’t have any haha. I alway go for stuff that makes it look like I have less in that area. Not that it has bothered me that much haha I’ve lived my whole life without wearing peplum and will continue doing so.
    Anyway, great for you to be able to rock it! Hope you find the perfect tote! :)

    1. oh , i understand, yes they do have the “makes it looks like i have bigger boobs then i really do” factor! ha! which is great for some! yes, i think i’ll like the peplum, still a bit unsure we’ll see ;) if i’ll wear it, i will post pics on the blog ;) thanks i hope i’ll find a good tote too! ha! :D x

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