Loves it


Love these items! Please buy em
to me anyone?!

Arrived in Marrakech today! Wowza our hotel is amazing! So pretty! Basically we knew that it was a part of the palace but didn’t realise until now that the palace is right next to us and you can see it from our terrace, explains why there’s a whole military basis outside guarding the estate!

Anyways, we started our day with a lush lunch by our pool, then a bit of relaxing time on our terrace, get some of that well deserved d vitamins after the looong and dark winter! The souk time, which was quite intense to be honest haha, now we’re tired birds and chillin before dinner time tonight! :)

Will have so many pics to show u all! So excited!!

Prada sunnies, Alexander wang sweat, Jeffrey Campbell shoes


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