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For those of you that have been following my blog for a while are probably aware of my style obsession with Erin Wasson!

She is definitely my biggest style icon! Everything this girl puts on transforms into hot, effortless coolness, therefore I just had to share some pics of this woman!

Also started watching the US styled to rock show, and she’s in the judging panel, not only is she rocking her outfits but hello! she also seems to be the coolest girl ever! U feel me?

And pst if u haven’t watched styled to rock, uk version or us, watch it! Much better then project runway and all of those designer shows, just saying.

Gosh starving now, food panic! I’m out! XX

Erin Wasson Love


Erin Wasson is one of my fave models! She’s just effortlessly cool! Here she is in the new Harper’s Bazaar mag!

On today’s agenda, food, starving right now.., then work work work I’m guessing, and trying to finish my school application.





Pics: tumblr, google,

How cool isn’t Emily Shephard’s tattoes on her arms on the first pic! Chanel, and YSL! Love it! Especially like the style of her tattoes, and that their in colour, think all over arm tattoes often look better in colour, well, it’s a taste thing I guess! If you have just a few tattoes like Freja Beha and Erin Wasson, on the second pic, I think it’s nice with black tattoes! love their tattoes, I’ve made a post once before about their tattoes, think their gorgeous! especially that font that Freja has chosen her word “Float” to be in, so nice!

Then we have those random funny tattoes, like Kel Markey’s mouth one! Pretty hidden! Must really hurt to get tattoed there? Or? what do you think? Also Dani Haye’s tattoo “Shame” on her finger, according to she and her friend got tattoes after wathing RuPauls Drag Race, her friend got the word “Fierce” and she got “Shame” so if they saw a wicked outfit when they were out, the friend would go up to the person and say “Fierce” and showing the finger off, haha, and “Shame” to those who didn’t succeed I guess… pretty harsh! ha!

I love tattoes! On guys, the more the better! I don’t have any tattoes myself, I’ve thought about it quite a bit, sometimes I get these wicked ideas, for a few tiny ones, but then I think I’m one of those people that will regret it after a year or so… So don’t know if that’s my thing. But love looking at others! My boyfriend got a gorgeous one last time he came over, a ship carried by an airballoon, with the Rolling Stones lyrics “Gimme Shelter” written on the ship, made by my cousin, I love it, especially glad how I convinced him what colours the balloon should be in! ;) hehe, the power of the girlfriend ey! Looks great!

What do you think of tattoes? You got any?

Now my sis and my nephew are coming over for dinner! Yum yum! todels! xx

erin wasson nnn


Erin Wasson, a model, actress, designer, occasional stylist and not to mention a massive style icon! I just love everything about her style and always have done, and just when I was thinking that it wasn’t possible to love her even more , yesterday I found out that it sure is!

As I saw that my fave streetstyle blog stylesnooperdan had posted this pic of Erin in the leather trousers with the white shirt, white jacket, those heels, raybans and with the hair up in a massive ponytail ,aghh got a bit of a fashion orgasm! Best outfit I’ve seen anyone in for a while! Just casually cool! wow! Don’t you think?!?


You know how they say that you shouldn’t bring your work home with you, well here’s a few of my fave girls that gladly skipped that rule! Freja Beha, Anja Rubik, Erin Wasson, Karolina Kurkova, Elena Perminova and let’s not forget the eternal style icon Kate Moss, it’s just a few of the top models who has a fabolous sense of style!

Not sure how you feel, but when I see a gorgeous looking model,  I just get so disappointed when I see that they can’t dress at all, (which is really a weird way of thinking cause just because they’re models and work in fashion doesn’t mean that they have to dress nicely outside work) but in a weird way you kinda assume that they should, just because you’re so used of seeing them all styled up.

Therefore I think it’s so fun to see the top models who just lives for fashion! Don’t you? :) Which outfit is your fave? I’m so in love with Erin’s outfit, the one in the red blazer, wow!!

Now back to my exciting life.. ha, no but I have to tell you how I woke up this morning, it wasn’t pleasant at all! Had a horrible nightmare where I went through house after house, and they were all haunted, so I kept seeing these ghosts everywhere, and I was terrified, in the middle of this dream, my freaking phone rings next to my ear!

Which just terrified me even more! I jump out of bed, heart beating super fast, shiat felt like I had a mini heartattack ! Answered the phone , and it was my boyfriend, he was like “u aright?” and I was outta breath, took me like 10 min to calm myself down after that little incident. Didn’t dare to go back to sleep, too afraid to end up in that dream again! :( damn u ghosts!

Hey I have some fun outfit pics comin up here ;) so stay tuned! xx


Some friday streetstyle for you all! I love all of these looks, especially those sweatshirts, super nice!

Which of these looks do you like? :)

Today it’s laundry time in my casa! Gonna try and finally dye & wash my hair after that, oh my..  don’t think I’ve ver gone this long without washing my hair… haha, sorry for the info … xx

OH NO I just got the hiccups… shiat.



Last night I came across this great post from one of the blogs I follow, Emiliexo, she had made a post about the danish model Freja Beha’s tattoes, (she’s the one on the last two pics) you can read it HERE!  And I got so inspired, and felt like I needed to make an ink post too!

I don’t have any tattoes, basically on my dad’s side no one’s got tattoes, he HATES tattoes , and on my mum’s side everyone pretty much has tattoes, my uncles has these bad ass ones, with naked ladies on their arms, and such, proper old school! Also my cousin is one of the best tattoo artists in sweden, here’s his website Bobbys tattoo parlor, so I do know where to go, if in need. Basically when my boyfriend comes over now in April, he’s gonna get tattoed by my cousin, so obviously it crossed my mind, “hm, shall I get one too?” But I don’t know, I do have something in mind, that I would like to get tattoed, but we’ll see when it happens!

I love all of these tattoes above! Freja really has some wicked ones! Always thought it would be wicked with a revolver tattoed, or some words, I’m into these clean smaller tattoes, on me, on boys I want a LOT of tattoes, the more the better!

Also, in my last post yesterday “lovestoned” after posting it I noticed that maybe the title of the post was a bit odd, almost sounds like I’m lovestoned in justin timberlake and andy samberg, in a creepy way or something, haha, no no, just thought of timberlake’s song lovestoned, that’s why!

Woo, have a lot to say today don’t I! Just need to point out I got my package from Topshop delivered today, wohoo! happy times!!


It’s getting colder for each day, how’s the weather where you’re at? I can confirm that it’s minus degrees where I am, so wrong season for this moodboard…but one could only wish!

Been in nature today with my sister! and if you know us, you know that we’re not really the typical outdoor people.. but today we went to this beautiful park /forest, and it was really nice! Then I actually got to spend some time with my “little brother” he’s really my 13 year old nephew but like a brother to me, he’s in that teenage phase where he’s just with his friends and his computer, so to actually see him more then 20 min is rare and today I did! Then we ordered indian food, AMAZING! talk about food belly… still suffering from it.