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Hello! Thought I’d share with you some more interior inspo on this sunny Thursday! How lovely doesn’t that bed look like?!? and my boyfriend is a big fan of the chesterfield sofas, and this brown one above, kinda won me over too! lush!

Also the photo of the plates, that big patterned one looks pretty much identical to the one me and my sister bought to our mum from Marrakech, all though we didn’t have out thinking caps on when we packed it… it broke.. but with the help from my dad’s magical skills, it’s now back to one whole piece again!

Now, today is my last full day in London, this time around, I’m flying back to Sweden tomorrow, which means back to reality! So today it’s packing time, might go and get my nails done if I can be bothered.. and later today I’m meeting up with my boyfriend to see if we can get into tonight’s Graham Norton Show, as I kinda fucked it up last time.. when we actually had tickets.. apparently they weren’t guaranteed so you had to be there very early to get a place.. which we didn’t know and unfortunatley I was late. But fingers crossed about tonight!

Also how upsetting about Peaches Geldof? loved her, and her cute little boys, one of my instagram faves, shocking and very sad, taken way too young.

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Inspire me



Gosh I am nesting away, day by day I build up my fantasy home in my head, and last night I did a bit of dreamy browsing and got even more inspired! white & bright, oh yes!

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Cool Happy






Went out last night with a friend of mine and had a real good time! Had to go home a bit earlier though cause I got a weird back pain, so after a nice nights sleep I feel much better! Now I’m expecting my nephew and niece to come over, it’s baby sitting time :) gonna be cosy!

Thought I’d show you some streetstyle inspo today! Loving the Lanvin necklaces! Want!! And the pinstriped outfit, like!!

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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 27 year old twins, who have not only had an amazing acting career since being just 6 months old!
They’ve also made a huge mark on the fashion scene, with their outstanding looks they’ve proved to everyone that they’re style icons you can count on!

Their knowledge and confidence in fashion has turned out into a couture brand called The Row which their launched in 2007 and has since been a great success!

I’m a huge fan of the twins sense of style and their fashion label The Row, they’ve been a huge fashion inspiration to me for a very long time! What do you think of the twins? :)