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Told you all that I went on a shopping spree whilst in London… here’s another accessory that I just couldn’t resist getting my hands on! A golden necklace from Zara, love that it kinda looks like a piercing, win win!

Today I’m having a chilled out day, relaxed a bit on the balcony before when the sun was out, now I’m just gonna do some research and later some writing :) Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, wooho exciting times! Btw, it was my b day last thursday! hello 24, I’m here!


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blue newIMG_9155

 Blazer: Gina Tricot (old) similar HERE!/Jeans: HERE!/Heels: from Macedonia/ Thick gold bracelet: & other stories, similar and cheaper HERE!/Link bracelet: GoGo Phillip you can find it HERE!/Rings: h&m/Necklace: Ur & Penn/Sunnies: Topshop

All Black.







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Bracelet: Vintage, Similar called Lynn bracelet HERE!/ Silver Cross ring: Gina Tricot (old), You can get it HERE!  called “Mika Cross Ring”/ Thin silver rings: Meloa/ Aloha ring: Hawaiii

Totally fashion od’d last night, checked through so many fashion shows, and omg fashion orgasm on so many of them! Thought I do a sum up post of my fave shows in like two days, once Paris fashion week is over! So you better stay tuned ;)

So because of all the fashion last night, I dreamt that I was shopping this amazing tank top! Which I’d designed in my head, it was white with these black super thin “baseball” stripes, it was loose with an open back, so hot! Why doesn’t this item exist?!? Oh want!!


mia adidass

mia litenIMG_6271




Photos by: Clara Olsson, edit by me

Adidas track jacket, leather tee: Zara, leather shorts: bik bok, jewellery: h&m, sunnies: topshop, heels: mango

Leather on leather! I do love leather! Don’t you?

Liking this outfit? :) xx




Got myself some new bling!

I was really out to get my friend a birthday gift, knew I wanted to get her a lush gold bracelet, so once I got into town, I went into a swedish store called Ur & Penn, where they sell lots of watches and jewellery, and I NEVER ever go in there, probably because the few times I’ve been in there, I’ve haven’t found anything real nice, but this time, HELLO jewellery!

I was quite impressed to be honest! Especially when I saw all these link bracelets and necklaces in silver, rose gold, and gold! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!  So not only did I get my friend the bracelet in gold, and also two other things, I also got myself this rose gold coloured bracelet and necklace, plus the silver link bracelet, yes I went all in! It was just too good to miss out on you see!  So pleased I bought them now, worn them loads! Also my first jewellery in rose gold, thought it was a bit fun to go for rose!

less is more

pics: tumblr,,google

Less is more?

What do you think? Do you think less is more? I can see both sides, sometimes is cool with a lot of bling, but for some outfits you just want to keep it clean, with some cool minimalistic pieces, like the ones above! Love all the jewellery on the pics! The suoer skinny tiny rings, which I’m so into at the moment! Bought myself a few silver ones of those! The bracelets, the rosé gold one, wow!! WANT! And the golden bracelet, down left, amazing!! so gorgeous! Do you like em? :)


white necklace nyy


white nyyy


whiiteee ny

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What girl doesn’t like some bling?! I sure do, as you can see! Used to wear loads more back in the days, my arms were always covered by bracelets, now I’m more for the “less is more”, I like the “statement” pieces more nowadays. When it comes to bracelets and necklaces, but rings are different, more is more! can’t get enough of rings!

Also I miss my nails! I stopped biting them, and they got all long , nice and strong!, I got completely addicted to paint them! Then one sad day, they all just broke :( they were probably not used to being alive for so long, so since then, I will admit that , yes I have started to bite them again…. I wanna stop though! I try not too! Wanna make them all pretty again! Bought these nice polka dots nail stickers, thought I’d save them for something special, but then the nails broke :(, so never happened, grow nails GROW for me!!! (I’m actually biting a bit, now typing this,ahh.. dammit!) No, enough is enough !





Shirt and necklace from, shoes: Acne, Bomber: Mulberry

Want a stripy shirt, like the one above, hot hot! In need of a cool bomber jacket! Those Acne shoes are pretty awesome, look at that heel! And who doesn’t love some Chanel bling ey?

Today I was invited for some lunch at my friend’s place, she had made real nice food! Julia who’s birthday it was the other day was there as well, and tonight she’s leaving for Stockholm again.. will miss her! Now I’m gonna head into the shower, and do a little hair experiment, let’s hope it goes well! xx finger’s crossed!