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Gosh I am nesting away, day by day I build up my fantasy home in my head, and last night I did a bit of dreamy browsing and got even more inspired! white & bright, oh yes!

pics: tumblr, hoyss, my own shoes pic 


Pics: tumblr, google, style by kling, angelica blick blog

The shorts trend is real on for this season! The more tailored style!

How do you feel about this trend?

I think it’s a real cool trend, add a nice blazer/jacket and you’re look is complete! I have my leather ones which are baggy and longer, that I’ve been wearing loads on this holiday
I’m on now, they’re so comfy and real versatile! Love em!
Wouldn’t mind getting another pair of shorts, baggy and longer which aren’t in leather, well we’ll see! :)

inspoo 4


It’s the 23 of april today which means it’s my boyfriend’s birthday, wooho, happy birthday baby!! <3

We’ll see how the day will be celebrated, might do a lunch in malmö, and a dinner, either out or a cosy one at home :) either way, gonna be super cosy!

Here’s some tuesday streetstyle inspo for you all! :) xx


I love all of these outifts! how cool isn’t Anna Dello Russo’s hat??!

Would love to have the red leather trousers outfit, love that whole combo!

Now, I’ve been trying for hours to figure out how to add a new code to my blog, can’t figure it out (I’m not a computer person ..), I know how to add a link, but this is a code, so it’s different, therefore the link widget won’t accept it cause it’s a code, help anyone? xx



Elin Kling the swedish fashionblogger (stylebykling), she always get’s it right, her style is simple which I like, it’s not very “try hard”. Thumbs up!

My mum came home today after a month in Australia, so it’s nice to see her again! So we’d had some family time over here! And she brought loads of gifts! We looked at her photos of all the beaches palm tree’s and such, so jealous, it’s been snowing here today, minus degrees!

Gonna chill out a bit now, and later this evening I’m off meeting up with some friends in town! Will upload some pics of my new Acne tee as well later on! xx



Sunday inspo! love elin kling’s wicked denim, from her collaboration with marciano!

Now, it’s crazy weather outside, it’s a proper snow storm, seriously even the sky is pure white, haven’t seen this kinda weather for quite some time, my friend was gonna come over, but it’s pretty much impossible to go outside in this weather, so it will be a sunday day in!



I know I’ve been posting loads about leather lately , hope I haven’t bored you!  But one of my fave blogs http://stylesnooperdan.com/ posted a pic of mary kate in this leather jacket above, and I remembered how much I fell in love with that jacket then, a few years later and it’s still amazing!, oversized in that deep green with the gold studs! So as you can understand, I obviously couldn’t resist to post about some great leather jackets!

Which one do you like? :)