5 inch and up




5 inch and up, camille over the rainbow

Patterns are hot! 

It’s been so sunny and even warm today! Been in town and had a lovely salmon lunch in the sun!

Stay tuned for some outfit pics ;) xx



Three ladies with great sense of style! Once again, 5 inch and up, to the left, let me repeat, she can really pull off anything! amazing outfit, nothing I would wear, but it looks wicked on her! While were talking about women and style, obviously I have to mention the one the only fashion icon Kate Moss, that fur is so so nice, remember when I saw a pic of her wearing it a few years ago, and I’ve been in love with it since! Then we have Kate Lanphear, this woman can pull off every edgy look, she’s well cool, especially in this suit!

Now, I been out and about today, went for breakfast at my sister’s place, and then from there straight into town, where I met up with two of my friends, one of them who’s visiting from Stockholm, we sat down at a restaurant in a hotel and did some proper catching up! It was real fun!



Sporty looks! My fave is the one to the left! Which is yours? :)

Now gonna try and sew my new trousers, they’re in need of some touching up you see, we’ll see how I manage, usually my mum will fix it for me, but now she’s not home , i will have to try to do this on my own! wish me luck!



I’m so in love with “5 inch and up”‘s outfit, the one on the left, love that combo, the gorgeous sophie hulme navy bag, with that cosy jumper, such a win win! All of these three are such hot outfits! I love Victoria Törnegren’s leather trousers, was planning to buy em but then they sold out… oh well I was sneaky cheeky and bought a pair of leather trousers online last night!

Which one is your fave outfit?


acne cxluu

This Acne chain clutch is real nice! Don’t you think? As you might know I’m not much for carrying bags and such, used to love it, but it’s slowly coming back to me now!

Oh I have a bit of a headache today, ouch, not fun! maybe it’s because I’m debating in my head if I shall do some online shopping or not… spotted a kenzo jumper and the leather trousers from Nowhere that I blogged about the other day, Shall I? really really tempting!



Three amazing coats! Wouldn’t mind owning all three of them!

Which one is your fave?

I can’t make up my mind, like them all!

I’m wathing some of the old Peep Show episodes again, and just now was the episode when Mark has a party, and Super Hans brings a snake, Mark looks at him and goes “you brought a snake to my party?” haha real wtf moment, love super hans! New episode comes tomorrow, woho!



Sunday inspo! love elin kling’s wicked denim, from her collaboration with marciano!

Now, it’s crazy weather outside, it’s a proper snow storm, seriously even the sky is pure white, haven’t seen this kinda weather for quite some time, my friend was gonna come over, but it’s pretty much impossible to go outside in this weather, so it will be a sunday day in!