Pics: style.com

The perfect way to
combine music, fashion and hang out with friends, festivals!! I know I posted some festival pics the other day but I couldn’t resist to post these pics too! Love all these looks!

Wowza so today it’s even hotter outside then it was yesterday, been at my friends allotment today and did some tanning, but it was almost too warm to be able to lay in the sun! Now I’m in my allotment, chilling out :)

Also some of my friends are in Stockholm today to see Rihanna play!
Can u guess how jealous I am?!? SO wish I was there!

I’m so shit with checking who’s playing and where, when I saw Britney,
Madonna and Kiss, or other artists it was always my friends who organised it, so I need to get better at checking those things! Is there a good website out there where u can check? U know any good ones? :)



Pics: tumblr, google

The Chanel paperback is just way too cool! Haha, isn’t it? It definitely puts a smile on my face :) Riri is looking stunning in a white Chanel look! And miss Delevingne’s bling is hot hot hot! Me like!


Trousers: h&m, blazer: gina tricot (old), tops: topshop

My whiter faves in my wardrobe at the moment :) would like to add my new white top from h&m trend to this, but haven’t taken a photo of it yet, but it’s definitely a big fave of mine!

Been probably the warmest day yet here today! So nice, so went to the beach with my two ladies :), I got a bit burned today… Ouch! But it wasn’t too bad!

Also got myself some new sandals! Will show you them as soon as I can! Have a great night everyone! Xx



It’s the 30th of April today, which means that most of the youngsters in sweden will be getting pretty drunk today from an early hour! It’s cause it’s a special holiday! I was invited to a “wine breakfast” that started at 9 this morning, at my friends place, two of my girlfriends are down from stockholm, so we’re having quite the reunion going on! On a day like this, you really wanna go and have a few beers in the park,(we’re pretty much the entire city will be sitting), kinda depends on the weather when we will go to the park! hoping for a lot of sunshine!

anja rubik vooguu


Anja Rubik in a gorgeous editorial from the Vogue Japan June 2013 issue! Love the whole bohemian feel of it! Don’t you?

What a great day it’s been, first I helped out my mum in our allotment, then I met up with one of my oldest friends, she’s just came home from Ghana in Africa, after a few months there, so jel of her tan! Then we went and visited my other old friend, haven’t met her in like 1 or 2 years! Been ages, last time was when she visited in London, when I was there, so we sat down and had some catching up time :), now I need to get ready, me, mum and my sister are going out for a fancy schmancy meal together later on, girls night!

Think the heels might come on tonight, oh yeah!


First row from the left: Choker necklace, google.com, Sweater: Givenchy, fashiolista.com, Michael Kors watch, Second row: Zara heels, leather patent skirt: Gucci, sunnies: fashiolista.com, Third row: Clutch: Acne, rings: Balenciaga

Another one of my dream outfits, wouldn’t mind walking around in something like this! You like? I just love that golden choker necklace, think it’s wicked!

Been home now for a while, did our errands, and sorted out my iphone 5, so gonna be all geeky and play with it tonight, have to do one of those “need your number” page on facebook, cause I’ve managed to loose all my numbers, while changing sim card and all, can’t really stand it when people do those pages, dunno why, but I just gotta do it!



Wow what a nice day it’s been, sunny and quite warm! :) Hope it stays this way from now on!

Here’s some all black looks inspo for you all! My fave is the one in the middle, (but she is wearing a dark blue jacket though..) love the neon iphone cover, work so well with what she’s wearing!

You like any of the looks? fave?

Ha, about iphone covers, talked about it with my sister today, she’s quite older then me, and I showed her the marc by marc jacobs cover I want for my iphone, and she was like WHAT you’re gonna have a cover on ur iphone?!? Ouuhhhh so ugly!! I then tried to explain to her that at the moment, iphone’s ipads’s and such are as much of a fashion statement as any other accessories! She was like “oh, guess I’ve totally missed that”.

There’s still some pretty ugly covers though out there, like the Moschino one I tweeted about last night, prob the ugliest iphone case I’ve ever seen…  (see if you don’t follow me on twitter you’ve totally missed out on the ugliest iphone case!! important stuff!) but don’t worry you can follow me HERE! ;) haha xx



I can’t even describe how much I love this editorial from the Flair mag april 13 issue!

The colours, the photos, the styling!!! It’s all gorgeous! Love that they’ve used the Philip Treacy mickey mouse hat, looks wicked! And the balenciaga rings, are very well used in this editorial, which I like!

Gonna sort out the outfit of today pics now! Show you em in a bit ;) xx




I love these looks, especially the one in the top midde, that dress wow! Also the all black look down left, with that hair, that top , nice!! Also love how casual cool the girl on the top left looks, such simple items, but is the way she’s pulling em off that makes the look!

Do you have a fave of the above ? :)

I’ve had a great day so far, family came over for some brunch, real nice and cosy! Gonna head out soon! clothes wise today, I’m in a bling bling, streetwear kinda mood ! Will show u later! xx