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Sweater: Gina Tricot/ Bracelets: Thick one: & other stories, similar HERE! / GoGo Phillip link bracelet: HERE! / Gold chain necklace from h&m used as a bracelet/Rings: h&m

In love with my new white sweater! White white white love!






I have my pink lips on today!  I’m now waiting for my mum to come home, promised her to help her out some more today, have some more errands to take care off and after that I’m gonna have a quiet friday in :) To be honest I haven’t really realised that it is friday today, doesn’t feel like a friday, this week has gone fast, too fast!



Shirt: rokit vintage, necklace: h&m

Haven’t worn this shirt for ages, used to love it!

Wow done some proper gardening today in out allotment with my mum, (It made me feel a bit more grown up, gardening and all) ha! then we made some lush dinner, now I’m gonna watch the final of the great british bake off, woho!

air mirrors

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Bomber jacket: gina tricot, vest and necklace: h&m

Just came home from my brother’s place, where we had some nice food, and a lush dessert, mm!! it’s been a great day! Now, I’m pretty tired, gonna watch something, and then go to bed, going back to my brother’s place early tomorrow morning again u see, but this time with the sis, some sister and brother quality time! always a win win ! So I need to make sure to go to bed fairly early tonight, cause I’m not fun to be around if I haven’t had enough sleep I’m telling you! Also got some great cheap monday jeans from my brother’s wife today, her old pairs, so great, been needing new jeans! wohoo!



I came home like an hour ago, had some food with my friend in town, and we had a wicked time! now, last night I noticed that my dear friends ben & jerry has moved into my freezer, so I might spend some time with them later! ohh yeah!

And hey, don’t forget that I’m on twitter now! ;) very hightech yes!  Where you can see what my days are like, VERY interesting! ha, also I’ll write about other fashion things, + you get to enjoy my hilarious sense of humour! haha, follow me HERE!  ;) xx



Top row from left: tee and sunnies:, backpack: the row, second row: moschino belt, necklace from rings: balenciaga, last row: shorts: fashiolista, shoes: balenciaga, chanel nailpolish

Oh how I would love to wear this outfit! not now obviously, cause the winter over here doesn’t seem to be in a hurry…take ur time winter, just TAKE UR TIME..  but in the summer! oh yeah! Check out the balenciaga rings, want want want!! And a leather tee! I would obviously tuck the tee in a bit in the front, so u could see the belt!

Now enough dreaming! I need to get my hair done! xx



above from left: jil sander, givenchy, underneath from left: jil sander, acne

Oh how much I would like to lay my hands on these puppies!!!

Think these plastic jil sander bags are well cool! The Acne clutch with it’s chain, wowza! And the one the only the Givenchy tote bag, SO in love with it!!

Now, back to the shower, the hair experiment continues!



Shirt and necklace from, shoes: Acne, Bomber: Mulberry

Want a stripy shirt, like the one above, hot hot! In need of a cool bomber jacket! Those Acne shoes are pretty awesome, look at that heel! And who doesn’t love some Chanel bling ey?

Today I was invited for some lunch at my friend’s place, she had made real nice food! Julia who’s birthday it was the other day was there as well, and tonight she’s leaving for Stockholm again.. will miss her! Now I’m gonna head into the shower, and do a little hair experiment, let’s hope it goes well! xx finger’s crossed!