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Right before I left for Marrakech, my mum went through her wardrobe and found these amazing red printed trousers which she had made ages ago, I tried them on, and hello perfect Moroccan trousers! Completely fell in love with them, and oh so comfy, they’re made in this amazing thin silk which makes it feel like your not wearing anything at all! So glad I got to borrow them for my Marrakech trip, you like? x







Photos: Clara Olsson, Edit: me

Mesh top: h&m, blazer: gina tricot, shorts: Bik bok, sunnies: h&m , shoes: din sko, bag: hermès, bracelet: vintage, ring: weekday

All black!

Now it’s cosy Friday time :) xx


Pics: tumblr, google, style by kling, angelica blick blog

The shorts trend is real on for this season! The more tailored style!

How do you feel about this trend?

I think it’s a real cool trend, add a nice blazer/jacket and you’re look is complete! I have my leather ones which are baggy and longer, that I’ve been wearing loads on this holiday
I’m on now, they’re so comfy and real versatile! Love em!
Wouldn’t mind getting another pair of shorts, baggy and longer which aren’t in leather, well we’ll see! :)


Happy midsummer everyone! :) I don’t know where else you celebrate midsummer or if it’s just us sweds, or you celebrate it in Germany too right?

Anyways on midsummer you usually celebrate with your family or friends and have nice food, drinks and dance around a green big pole thing made out of flowers and other green stuff, so I need to get ready now to go to my friends house where were gonna be about ten people celebrating midsummer! Wooho! :)




This stylish french woman is Emmanuelle Alt and she’s been the editor in chief of French Vogue since 2011, I think this lady is well cool, love that she’s not very “try hard” when it comes to her style, she’s very “less is more” and it really suits her! Her signature look is a cool jacket or blazer combined with a pair of skinny trousers and hot heels! kinda like a “Kate Moss” look.

To me she’s just effortlessly cool, and doesn’t feel like she’s much of a poser when it comes to getting photographed during fashion week (except from some of these pics), looks like she’s always on the run, or on the phone, it’s all about work, she’s there for the magazine and it’s not all focus on her. Which I love!

What do you think of her style?


Oh I can’t wait to show you the new Zara heels in an outfit! Thought that I could do some outfit pics today, but no, thought wrong, too ill.. but maybe I’m able to do it tomorrow!

Besides lounching around in my pj’s today, I’ve actually done something worth telling! ha, nothing special, decided to adjust my black cheap monday jeans, wanted them to be a bit skinnier, now, last time I did this on another pair, it went really smoothly, done in 15 min! this time, no, maybe cause I’m ill, took me ages! just did so many silly mistakes! made they way too skinny at first, ha! But now finally I got it right !

The last few days I’ve started watching a new sitcom, called “Whitney” real funny, me like! Gonna watch some more tonight :)





Blazer: Gina tricot, jeans: Cheap monday, tee: Acne, belt: Tiger of sweden, shoes: H&M, necklace: vintage, bracelet: mmm for h&m

We are working working working with the styling fitting here!

Pst, here’s the daily outfit for you all! I went for a very simple classic look today, denim and a blazer! :) xx


black whi

One of the trends going on right now is the “white and black trend” A very minimalistic and clean trend, which I really like! Here’s three great outfits using only white & black! It’s a nice simple look to pull off, you don’t need to complicate it for yourself, put on a white shirt and a pair of leather trousers, not only have you then pulled of this trend but also the “mixing rough with something soft” trend! So two in one! Win win!

How do you feel about this trend, like? not like? :)

Now I’m gonna go and have lunch with one of my friends in town, todels! xx :)