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Photos by: Clara Olsson, edit by me

Adidas track jacket, leather tee: Zara, leather shorts: bik bok, jewellery: h&m, sunnies: topshop, heels: mango

Leather on leather! I do love leather! Don’t you?

Liking this outfit? :) xx








Photo: Lina Borg, edit: me,

Tee & bomber jacket: Gina tricot, leather shorts: bikbok, necklace: vintage, rings: h&m, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: h&m

My new v neck tee
from Gina tricot is on! Love the baggy kinda boyfriend fit! Also loving that it’s v neck! My first v neck tee ;)! Also super comfy!!!

Don’t know what’s with me lately but I’m SO in the shopping mood! I’ve actually even been dreaming these last few days that I’ve done some great shopping at topshop! Haha, I’m feeling the urge to buy something with a wow factor to it!

But I’ve never been the one to shop loads, just because i want to shop, I rather wait till I find something I really like! I rarely buy something if I don’t love it!
That way I’m avoiding the regretful items, it’s not like I’m stopping myself for buying things, this is just the way I am which I’m quite glad for!

So because of my urge, I’m gonna see if I can go shopping this week one day :) and see if there’s anything out there!

Anyways, gonna wash my hair now, which is gonna take ages as always cause I got so much hair.. annoying, but has to be done!

Then I might watch the first episode of the new show orange is the new black! Any of u seen it? My friend said it was great! So I’m gonna give it a go! :)


Pics: tumblr, google, style by kling, angelica blick blog

The shorts trend is real on for this season! The more tailored style!

How do you feel about this trend?

I think it’s a real cool trend, add a nice blazer/jacket and you’re look is complete! I have my leather ones which are baggy and longer, that I’ve been wearing loads on this holiday
I’m on now, they’re so comfy and real versatile! Love em!
Wouldn’t mind getting another pair of shorts, baggy and longer which aren’t in leather, well we’ll see! :)


whiteee aiiir IMG_6157

white r IMG_6163

Quite into black & white photography lately as you can tell, did the ones with the black blazer the other day, so thought I’d do the opposite from those and make these with me wearing white and quite messy, like , or not?

Now I’m gonna cosy up :) ahh! can my cold disappear already?!



highlightss IMG_3511


Cheap Monday, shirt: Levi’s, Coat: Whistles, shoes: H&M, gloves: Tiger of sweden, clutch: topshop

Cause I was a bit bored today, being sick and all, I decided to go to the mall, and I got myself something :) will try to show you tomorrow!  My throught doesn’t hurt as much today, but my voice is well weird, friends and family that has phoned me today, have been like, Oh you sound weird, did you just woke up or something? “No, I’m ill,” judging by my voice it kinda sounds like I’ve been a heavy smoker since kindergarden…. (p.s I don’t smoke) But I got myself some medicine so now it’s ON!



YES! finally managed to upload this post! only took me a few hours… well anyways here’s some wednesday inspo for you all! I love anja rubik’s leather Burberry coat, isn’t amazing? She’s posting her everyday outfit pics to this month! so will be exciting to see her other outfits too! I really want the outfit in the middle, so good! and camille to the right has a gorgeous bomber jacket!