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Photo: Carnaby London, style hunter

Even though I look quite tired (this was after a whole day of shopping in central, so you get me) and my boyfriend seems to have super long legs, this is the best picture of us from my week in London, and it’s from Carnaby Street on the GQ magazine style night where we got snapped by Carnaby style hunter!






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Hello!  Woke up like an hour ago… naughty, I know, anyways, just had my breakfast/lunch, as many of you like to call it, talked to my man, and now I’d thought I’d give some sunday fashion inspo from Stockholm fashion week!  We have here some gorgeous outfits, I love em all! The last look with the bomber jacket, is brilliant! Also Angelica Blick’s plastic heels, hello want! the neon and denim combo, hot hot! The classic minimalistic look with the grey top and black trousers, also gorgeous!

Which outfit is your fave? :)

Now it’s time for me to get ready, gonna go out with my mum and look at some garden furniture, exciting YES! ha..  have a great day everyone! xxx



Hiya! Friday today ey! I’m doing laundry exciting yes! ha, had quite a chilled out morning, had a nice breakfast outside on our very sunny balcony, it was lush! And after I’ve finished the laundry I’m gonna chill out bigtime! nothing planned, just me myself and I today! Feels nice, cause been very busy these last few days, weeks, feels like I’ve done loads, and the blog has suffered a bit, so I just need a moment to breath! And focus a bit more on the blog!

Spring/summer is here, so thought I’d do a little jacket inspo streetstyle for you all! A wicked leather jacket is almost a most have by now, works all year around! Columbine’s bomber jacket is just to die for! A printed jacket is also a win win, something like the Givenchy one! And that chanel one, is just amazing! want!

You have a fave of the ones above? :)

As I said yesterday I’m gonna do a little pic tutorial of how I dye my hair purple today, so stay tuned ;) xxx




Some black things on my wishlist right now, a pair of black skinny low waisted jeans, that I will wear a silver and black belt to! The Zara heels are lush! A pair of 90’s style boots are well cool! The bomber jacket from issue 1.3 is real nice, kinda wished I’d buy a quilted bomber, cause that’s what I really wanted before I bought my bomber, but couldn’t find a quilted one at the time.. well well. Also I’m loving the skirt, might go for it!

inspo 2


Some tuesday fashion inspo for you all! I adore the sporty look on the left, well cool!

Which is your fave look? :)

Gonna head out now,I have an errand to take care of, which i didn’t manage to do yesterday, and after that I’m having lunch with my dad and brother! Gonna see my 1 year old niece again, woho can’t wait to cuddle her up! And might see my cute 4 year old nephew too ! So nice to have kids around in the family!

Hope you’re all having a nice day! :) xx




A bit of a sporty chic look, where you can choose a more casual look: trainers, or to fancy it up a bit, the heels!

You like? :) Would you go for the trainers or for the heels?

It finally felt like spring / summer today, warm 16 degrees! hello sun! After going around in a few shops, we sat down at a cafe outside in the sun and each had a mango drink, mm yes! win win I say!




Top row from left:  Saint Laurent bracelet, top: ragged priest, Saint Laurent belt Underneath from left: Bomber sleeveless jacket: Alexander McQueen, shoes:, Bomber/baseball jacket: ragged priest

Want these items!!  especially the mcqueen, ragged priest stuff and shoes! Need those shoes so bad for summer! Will let my boyfriend know about the ragged priest things, cause my b day is coming up ;) ha!

Sorry for a late update today, had a stressfull morning, and didn’t have time to blog before I left to go shopping with a friend of mine, I got myself some real nice stuff, show you tomorrow!