zara heels




Some black things on my wishlist right now, a pair of black skinny low waisted jeans, that I will wear a silver and black belt to! The Zara heels are lush! A pair of 90’s style boots are well cool! The bomber jacket from issue 1.3 is real nice, kinda wished I’d buy a quilted bomber, cause that’s what I really wanted before I bought my bomber, but couldn’t find a quilted one at the time.. well well. Also I’m loving the skirt, might go for it!



First row from the left: Choker necklace,, Sweater: Givenchy,, Michael Kors watch, Second row: Zara heels, leather patent skirt: Gucci, sunnies:, Third row: Clutch: Acne, rings: Balenciaga

Another one of my dream outfits, wouldn’t mind walking around in something like this! You like? I just love that golden choker necklace, think it’s wicked!

Been home now for a while, did our errands, and sorted out my iphone 5, so gonna be all geeky and play with it tonight, have to do one of those “need your number” page on facebook, cause I’ve managed to loose all my numbers, while changing sim card and all, can’t really stand it when people do those pages, dunno why, but I just gotta do it!




A bit of a sporty chic look, where you can choose a more casual look: trainers, or to fancy it up a bit, the heels!

You like? :) Would you go for the trainers or for the heels?

It finally felt like spring / summer today, warm 16 degrees! hello sun! After going around in a few shops, we sat down at a cafe outside in the sun and each had a mango drink, mm yes! win win I say!


Some fave items of mine, especially in love with the Maybelline eyeliner, the best liquid eyeliner ever, and extremely easy to apply!! Really recommend! Also, the hairspray is my best buddy, dunno what I would do without it! The Thomas Sabo bracelet that I got from my boyfriend, is pretty much always on my left wrist <3

Do you have any fave items of yours, that you just couldn’t live without? :)

P.s I dreamt last night that I was at a Mötley Crue concert, and they sang “cause I’m alive LIVE WIIIIIREEEEEE” , the whole thing felt very random! So I just had to play that tune as soon as I woke up, oh yeaah.


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So pleased with my new Topshop tee! Been wanting this one for ages, but never saw it in stores, then the first time it came online, it sold out real quickly, so thought, shiat, guess it wasn’t meant to be, but then they got it in online again, and I was fast enough to click myself home one! I love it! You can wear it as a oversized tee or as a dress! Also the new Zara shoes are on, just for the pics though, cause the weather doesn’t allow these kinda heels yet, still some snow out..

Also, I still feel quite ill, I’ve never had a cold before that’s been lasting this long!  A whole week it’s been, my nose is much better now, but my throat is a bit off some times, also my ear hasn’t got back it’s mojo, have a bit of a headache too.. ahh, stop it germs, stop it! :(



Oh I can’t wait to show you the new Zara heels in an outfit! Thought that I could do some outfit pics today, but no, thought wrong, too ill.. but maybe I’m able to do it tomorrow!

Besides lounching around in my pj’s today, I’ve actually done something worth telling! ha, nothing special, decided to adjust my black cheap monday jeans, wanted them to be a bit skinnier, now, last time I did this on another pair, it went really smoothly, done in 15 min! this time, no, maybe cause I’m ill, took me ages! just did so many silly mistakes! made they way too skinny at first, ha! But now finally I got it right !

The last few days I’ve started watching a new sitcom, called “Whitney” real funny, me like! Gonna watch some more tonight :)

New in!

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My lovely sister got me these beauties yesterday from Zara! I got so excited when I saw them in store cause I’ve been wanting them for quite a while, but they sold out, and gladly they got them in again! Scared for them to sell out again I was sneaky cheeky and convinced my sister to get them for me as my bithday gift, (my b day is next month) and lovely as she is, she did ! woho! Couldn’t be happier! I love em! Thanks sis! xx

Been needing a pair of black classic heels, with a twist to it, so these are a win win! As soon as I’m well again, (I’m ill, my voice is almost gone, ears hurting and I fell totally infected) I’ll show you outfits wearing these! xx