Balenciaga autumn/winter 2014/2015 rocked it!! Damn! Alexander Wang showed off his skills when delivering the latest Balenciaga collection, Wowza, I’m loving it!

Actually loving this collection much more then Alexander Wang’s own collection for his own brand. The details, the playful idea with leather bags looking like shopping bags, the colours, the brilliant belts, sexy boots, top notch! What do you recon? X



first row from left: balenciaga, underground, underneath: din sko, juju shoes. Summer is here ! or kinda was last week , now it’s supposed to rain all week here … But let’s stay positive and think of summery fashion, a must is to get summer flats! And here’s some of my faves ! Found the Din sko ones yesterday when I was in town, love em ! So might get them, I’m also a bit into the juju shoes, a black pair, might get those too , will have to have a think :) Do you like any of the above ? :) if not what’s your ideal summer flat ? :) xx



So last night I went through all the online shopping sites I know of, and all the stores ones, looking for a nice bikini, and I found nothing, nothing!!! Think the fashion when it comes to beachwear is real shit this year, or ok, no , the fashion is good, guess the problem is that the stores buyers haven’t done their jobs well.. cause I’m real disappointed :( I already have a nice swimsuit, and I usually always go for a black bikini, but for once , this year I want something else, colourfull and fun! but NOTHING! why oh why!

If you know a good swimwear website, or a cool store that has nice swimwear , let me know please!!!

Found this swimsuit at it’s from River Island, but not this seasons, think it was wicked! So thought I’d create a little beach outfit, you could use a cool swimsuit like this as a top as well, like to a pair of leather shorts!

What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after another day working in our allotment, damn I’ve been hardworking I have! Now, bath, time to chill out!



Now, I’m back on track with the blog as usual, I’ve tried to update as much as I could this past week, but having my boyfriend over from London, I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible :) But we took some fun oufit pics and other things, will show you some pics later :)

And how gorgeous isn’t Anja Rubik in this editorial above? Love the styling, gorgeous! Her hair as well, wow, if I would have been a blonde, I would so cut it like this! And you know how I feel about the balenciaga rings, hot!



Some jewellery inspo for you all!

Had to show a pic of the Balenciaga rings from the catwalk (they were a part of my dream outfit I posted about before), they’re so nice, can’t get over it! My faves! And the silver rings on the right side, hot hot! Love em all really!

Now, time for some nice food! also, will upload some pics for u later, tried out a different hairstyle today ;) so stay tuned! xx



Top row from left: tee and sunnies:, backpack: the row, second row: moschino belt, necklace from rings: balenciaga, last row: shorts: fashiolista, shoes: balenciaga, chanel nailpolish

Oh how I would love to wear this outfit! not now obviously, cause the winter over here doesn’t seem to be in a hurry…take ur time winter, just TAKE UR TIME..  but in the summer! oh yeah! Check out the balenciaga rings, want want want!! And a leather tee! I would obviously tuck the tee in a bit in the front, so u could see the belt!

Now enough dreaming! I need to get my hair done! xx


balenciaga coll


This is the first Balenciaga collection with Alexander Wangs as it’s creative director,I’m a huge Wang fan, so I was really excited with what he’ll come up with, but to be honest I was quite disappointed (ps for ONCE I’ve actually spelled “disappointed right without looking it up, always have a massive problem with that damn word, two p’s or two s’s? ha! moving on) , thought this collection was quite boring , thought the spring summer 2013 collection was so good! so thought this was a massive step back, but hopefully it’s because it’s Wang’s first collection for the brand and he just needs some more time!

What do you think? Am I being a total bitch about this? x

It’s super sunny today woohoo! So I’ve been out and about, actually returned the peplum top I bought the other day, it looked good on me, but it just didn’t feel very me, so gonna go for a different outfit tomorrow at the wedding! Also bought some purlpe eye makeup, gonna go for some dark plum eyes tomorrow ;) Now I’m gonna get my cooking on! A Jamie Oliver recipe, spagetti with shrimps and ruccola!  mm, wish me luck! Todeloo! xx :)



New York fashion week started a few days ago sadly with a massive snowstorm, hope everyone’s ok!  And has already delivered a whole lot of great collections, one of them is definitely Alexander Wang’s collection, this man never disappoints! We see lots of blacks greys, browns, and white’s like always in his collections, a scale of colours which you might know I’m quite fond of!

The collection is very minimalistic with great cuts and fabrics. A lot of leather, which I give thumbs up for! Some of the models were wearing these furry “boxing” gloves, which I thought was a funny idea! Also the models were wearing wedges that were covered in fabric, looked like whool or something, this thing with “softer” shoes reminds me of Celine’s collection were they had THESE furry shoes, is this gonna be a thing?

Also now when we’ve seen the Alexander Wang collection, we can not but wonder if there’s gonna be any similarities to the Balenciaga collection in Paris, which is gonna be Wang’s first collection as their new creative director, I believe we’re all quite excited to see what he comes up with!

Now, back to me, I can now say I’m officially ill, after all that talk about me might getting ill, it finally got to me! ha! my throught hurts, and when I talk I sound like a creepy pedo or something. So just gonna stay in, and cuddle up! xx

Just noticed, that wordpress has linked my word “wonder” to a dating thing or something, is this a new way of advertise? Don’t like! I can’t take it away!



Above from left: Dope swimsuit from Dope, sunnies, shorts: levi’, underneath: chanel bracelet, vintage denim jacket, balenciaga shoes

I’m starting to long for summer a bit now.. Would be wicked to walk around in this outfit above!