pink lips




Tee/dress: topshop, leather shorts: bikbok, chain necklace: h&m , gold necklace: vintage, lipstick: make up store colour Mindy

Thought it was time to have pink lips again! Haven’t worn this lipstick for a bit now, so it was time :)

I’m out having dinner with my friend right now :) hope u all are having a lush Sunday! Xx




Hiya everyone! Ahhh I slept SO well last night!! feel all rested now, so nice! Now I need to get ready, have no idea what to wear today … hmm, I’m gonna go into town and sit and have a cup of tea with a friend of mine today, gonna be cosy :)

checkk ne

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Levi’s vest: Rokit vintage, Leather jacket: rokit vintage , boots: rokit vintage, jeans: cheap monday, shirt: emilio, backpack: rokit vintage, lipstick: make up store colour mandy

Wore my new lipstick when we were out and about, so in love with it! Hot pink, yes! makes every outfit so much more fun! :) you like?

I’ve had a proper “taking care of myself” day today!, dyed my hair, had on a face mask and such, yes I did good! Then I sat in the sun at our balcony while having some nice tea and food! real nice :) tonight I’m gonna watch the voice uk, wooop all excited, ha, it’s mine and my boyfriend’s secret obsession. not so secret now though..



I have my pink lips on today!  I’m now waiting for my mum to come home, promised her to help her out some more today, have some more errands to take care off and after that I’m gonna have a quiet friday in :) To be honest I haven’t really realised that it is friday today, doesn’t feel like a friday, this week has gone fast, too fast!



Went passed Make up store the other day, and thought I’d go in and have a look at their lipsticks, we’re in the mood for a fun colour, I first looked at the orange /coral ones, think that lipstick colour is lush for summer time, but orange is not really my colour, so instead I went for a hot pink colour, Mandy it’s called, and I love it! Feel a bit like a walking candy land though with my pink lips and purple hair, ha!

Today’s plan is to first play super loud music, and have a bit of a dance in the livingroom, then take out the trash (exciting yes!) then I’m meeting up with my mum in our allotment, we’ve been renovating it, so there’s a few things to be done!

babyyy it's


Came across this new Nicki Minaj & Lil wayne song, high school the other day, and since then I can’t get it out of my head, never listened to nicki before, so I feel a bit extra cool now! Like I’m one with the youngsters. yeaah. Now it’s time to cuddle up in front of the tv and watch the biggest loser the swedish one, also something I’ve never watched before, but some of the people in it are so sweet, so I just have to continue to watch it! xx



Made this new header last night, once I tried to upload it, my theme decided to crop it.. which I thought was a no no, so a bit of a fail, really hoping they’ll change it back again!

Anyhow , thanks to THIS macedonian website, who’s kindly written some really nice stuff about my blog, many many macedonians has checked out my blog today, wooho! Zdravo I say :) Hope you’ll like and will come back again! xx