the row


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 27 year old twins, who have not only had an amazing acting career since being just 6 months old!
They’ve also made a huge mark on the fashion scene, with their outstanding looks they’ve proved to everyone that they’re style icons you can count on!

Their knowledge and confidence in fashion has turned out into a couture brand called The Row which their launched in 2007 and has since been a great success!

I’m a huge fan of the twins sense of style and their fashion label The Row, they’ve been a huge fashion inspiration to me for a very long time! What do you think of the twins? :)



Some of my favourite bags at the moment, wouldn’t mind having these in my wardrobe!

You like any of them? :) Which one is ur fave?

Now, I’m out in town for a cup of tea with a friend of mine, todels! xx :)



Top row from left: tee and sunnies:, backpack: the row, second row: moschino belt, necklace from rings: balenciaga, last row: shorts: fashiolista, shoes: balenciaga, chanel nailpolish

Oh how I would love to wear this outfit! not now obviously, cause the winter over here doesn’t seem to be in a hurry…take ur time winter, just TAKE UR TIME..  but in the summer! oh yeah! Check out the balenciaga rings, want want want!! And a leather tee! I would obviously tuck the tee in a bit in the front, so u could see the belt!

Now enough dreaming! I need to get my hair done! xx



Top from the left: Backpack from The row, Dress: Topshop, Shoes:, Underneath from left: Chanel bag:, Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet:, bra:

Here’s some of my wants! Desperate for the Topshop dress!, Since I saw it a few months ago in the Topshop campaign pictures, I’ve been in love with it, I believe it came out online the other day, and I believe it might already be sold out… I have to have it though, some way some how. this is a must have!!

Ah! my throat is not on the same level as the rest of me today… it’s beeing well fishy! I’m NOT getting ill! ( I am the only one in the house who’s not ill right now, and hopefully it will stay that way!)