acne cxluu

This Acne chain clutch is real nice! Don’t you think? As you might know I’m not much for carrying bags and such, used to love it, but it’s slowly coming back to me now!

Oh I have a bit of a headache today, ouch, not fun! maybe it’s because I’m debating in my head if I shall do some online shopping or not… spotted a kenzo jumper and the leather trousers from Nowhere that I blogged about the other day, Shall I? really really tempting!



  1. Lately I’m been loving ACNE, they have such amazing pieces! Haha online shopping is not good for me, it’s way too tempting and hard to stop. :]

    1. oh yes they have such great stuff! haha, agree with u, only that now i’m in sweden and there’s not very fun shops around, before in london it’s different I never shopped online, but now I founf much more cooler stuff online! haha,

      1. I know right it’s the same problem here in Norway. The shops are so boring that everyone ends up wearing the same stuff. Would love to order from etsy/ebay, but I find shipping usually very expensive.

      2. oh norway hello neighbour :D! haha, but u should check out a website called they have great stuff and it’s free worldwide shipping! they have their office in the states, i bought a pair of shoes from there, real nice!

      3. The store is new so they don’t have that much products, but it seems like they are going to be a pretty cool store :]

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