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Got myself a pair of Nike Air in London from Urban Outfitters, love em!! Perfect comfy shoes for a casual day out! Embracing the sporty chic vibe, woop woop!

Uranus don’t you know my ass is famous




Baseball Top: The ragged priest, topshop, necklace and rings: h&m, bracelets: & other stories, GoGo Phillip

Wearing my new baseball top that I bought in London, one of my fave items at the moment! :)


Cap & jumper: Stella McCartney, clutch: Acne, watch: topshop, sunnies & skirt:, heels: Gianvito Rossi, bracelet:, rings:

Adore this Stella McCartney jumper, isn’t it amazing?!? want want want! this would be my stella dream outfit, with a nice tight leather skirt, the jumper over the skirt, the Rossi heels, white clutch, fun sunnies, cap, and silver jewellery! oh yeah!! Do you like? :) It’s quite a sporty chic look! And you know me, I love the sporty trend, such a fun trend to play around with!

I just came home, after spending my day with a friend of mine, we took some pics, that turned out real nice! will show you them this week! Right now, I’m waiting for my pizza to get done, and then I’m gonna enjoy that while watching Peep show, watched the episodes so many times, but I can never get tired of Jeremy and Mark! If you want to watch a fun tv show, I recommend this one!

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Some tuesday fashion inspo for you all! I adore the sporty look on the left, well cool!

Which is your fave look? :)

Gonna head out now,I have an errand to take care of, which i didn’t manage to do yesterday, and after that I’m having lunch with my dad and brother! Gonna see my 1 year old niece again, woho can’t wait to cuddle her up! And might see my cute 4 year old nephew too ! So nice to have kids around in the family!

Hope you’re all having a nice day! :) xx



The sporty trend is definitely one of my fave trends this year, love it, cause it’s quite casual but still cool! These three above are real nice, my ultimate fave is the Celine one in the middle, who doesn’t wanna lay their hands on that one ey?!?! We’ll see if I’ll wear my topshop tee/ dress as a dress this summer, I’m not that much for dresses, and especially not so much for the baggy ones, cause I think I’ll worry about flashing if it’s windy, it’s a risky buisness! ha! we’ll see, needs to get much much warmer before that can happen anyways!

I never partied with Ben & jerry last night, it got too late, and I was busy doing other stuff, I also watched the season finale of my fave sitcom at the moment “Whitney” super sad it’s over for now… I really hope they’ll make a third season! In this episode it was Whitney Cummings and Chealsea Handler, oh my, could there be any greater combo?!? love these two women! enought about my nerdiness now, I had pretty bad nighmares last night :( not fun! Woke up from it, and had to stay awake for a while so I wouldn’t fall back into the dream again, cause I usually do!

Also I wanna say thank you so much for the brilliant site /page Macedonian fashion bloggers, they’ve been so kind to me, and really made me a part of their community, thank you!

Also while I’m at it, I don’t have a coloumn or anything where I list my fave blogs, so I’d thought I’d let you know now one of them which is my ultimate fave streetstyle blog, everytime I’m in need of some inspo, or I dunno what to wear I always check Stylesnooperdan! She’s the best!

Check out her streetstyle blog HERE!