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Levi’s top: Rokit Vintage, gold rings: h&m, lipstick: colour Mindy from Make up Store

Came home not very long ago, after a real nice day spent with my close childhood friend Lina in town! We had a look around in a few shops before we then sat down for some tea and great food! I had a bagel with goatcheese, nuts and honey, YUM! one of my faves!

Just before we were about to go home, these two international students came over to us to asks us about something, and we ended up talking to them for like 20 mins or something, haha! they were real fun! They came to Sweden like two weeks ago, and asked us where’s a good place to buy some sweets, they admitted that they we’re gonna cook dinner for some people tonight that they really wanted to impress on, cause they were hoping that the guests would in return help them out with their english homework or something, haha!  Pretty honest!

It’s real refreshing to talk to some new people sometimes, don’t you think? Especially when they just mean well and are real fun and easy to talk to! One of the finest moments were when we said bye to them, and one of the guys said to my friend “hey I like your watch!” and then he said “watch out!” haha, such a lame joke that it actually made it funny!

Anyways, had a great day, now i’m a tired bird, and just gonna chill out, might actually watch Breaking Bad, hm will have a think! Hope you all had a great day! xx



Went out to met up with my friend today in town, we sorted out some errands we had to take care off, and then we checked out some stores, my friend got herself a nice casual dress! And we both saw a nice black and silver belt, but we didn’t go for it this time, the thing is that I have quite a big phone bill coming up, so I’m not gonna shop for a while!  Then we sat down and had some nice food :), and then  we went home, came home like 2 hours ago, so been out all day :) real nice!

Hey tomorrow I thought I’d show you some pics of how I dye my hair! Thought it might be fun to show! So stay tuned ;)

babyyy it's


Came across this new Nicki Minaj & Lil wayne song, high school the other day, and since then I can’t get it out of my head, never listened to nicki before, so I feel a bit extra cool now! Like I’m one with the youngsters. yeaah. Now it’s time to cuddle up in front of the tv and watch the biggest loser the swedish one, also something I’ve never watched before, but some of the people in it are so sweet, so I just have to continue to watch it! xx



Alright, I’m gonna try to say this without sounding like a crazy person, I have this theory that the day (not if) I meet Justin Timberlake, we’re immediately gonna become bffs! (Just felt that I needed to throw that out there!) Andy Samberg too! Love that man! And when this happens I’m hoping to get to see THIS live!  “The lonely island” might be the best ever. Who’s with me?!



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Leather jacket: rokit vintage, shirt: h&m, shoes: creepers underground

Thought it would be a bit fun to spice up my nose ring, so , so I did, just for these pics though!

I’ve been listening loads to M.I.A bad girls this weekend, forgotten how good that song is! feels very last summer, sweet memories! :)