20130714-205932.jpg Top: h&m trend, blazer: gina tricot, shorts: h&m trend, clutch:, heels: from Macedonia, sunnies: topshop, wallet: DKNY

Golden shorts hello!!

Got to borrow these amazing shorts from my friend yesterday, aren’t they wicked?! I’m a bit in love I will admit! Thought they go well with my metallic post from yesterday too ;) a man with a plan ey ;) haha!

Also wearing my new heels that I bought in Macedonia, love em!! :) you like?

Anyways, still just being a lazy bird at home, so in the mood for ice cream I might add! Have some in the freezer , gonna go cray for it soon!

I’ve been spending my day listening loads to my friends London based band Molly’s Lipps new single Advice oh my, it’s such a tune!! So summery, love it! :)

You can listen & watch the video HERE! You can also follow them on their website HERE! :)

They do loads of gigs around in London so you should go and check em out ;) so worth it!




b wIMG_5623




Leather jacket: rokit vintage, shirt: h&m, shoes: creepers underground

Thought it would be a bit fun to spice up my nose ring, so , so I did, just for these pics though!

I’ve been listening loads to M.I.A bad girls this weekend, forgotten how good that song is! feels very last summer, sweet memories! :)



leather shorts: bikbok, shirt: unkown, bracelet: maison martin margiela for h&m, sunnies: vintage ray-bans

Just this one pic for you all today, sorry, but my camera seems to be having a go.. don’t know what’s happening, just won’t really focus, very fishy indeed! Anyhow I’m soooo tired, feel like a zombie, a walking dead, haha guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Also today Bang Bang by Cher has been played on repeat, OH yeeahh, such a tune! I think many people think of the Kill Bill version, not knowing that Cher made the original, and it’s bloody awesome! You can listen to it HERE! you almost have to :)







track jacket: adidas, white shirt: unknown, leather trousers: nowhere, shoes: mango, bracelet: vintage, ring: bvlgari

Here’s my new leather trousers, super happy with them! They’re from the brand nowhere which you can find at, they have em in a real nice dark green colour too! But cause I do love my black, I went for the black pair, all though the green were tempting, it’s gonna be the colour of 2013 I hear!

So right now I’m listening to Time to dance by the shoes, which was our spring / summer tune in London this year, haven’t listened to it for ages, so I just put it on, and it’s still bloody great! If you wanna get into the dance mode, this is the tune! The video is awesome too, it’s with Jake Gyllenhaal, and he plays a serial killer, and some of the video is filmed where I used to live in east london! Pretty sure they’re filming when Jake goes into a club called Alibi, which I’ve have many memories from, actually met my boyfriend in there! ha!

Watch it HERE if you want! And dance away!