A gorgeous Erin Wasson in the new Vogue Netherlands July 2013 issue! Love it! Makes me wanna be on a beach now!!

So I just came home from a day of shopping! And oh my, I had great luck on my side today!! Feel like I’ve had real bad luck lately when it comes to shopping, for example I had found the perfect leather shorts at nelly.com like two weeks ago, thought I’d waited a while to get them, and obviously when I was about to buy em the other night they were sold out… Oh the disappointment..

Then in my desperate moment, I went on romwe.com and found another pair of leather shorts, even nicer! They were like 55 pounds so thought they were a bit too pricy, but after some consideration I decided to get them, then obviously they were sold out in my size.. SHIAT situation indeed!

Now today I found myself the perfect leather shorts on sale for like 7 pounds HELLO FAITH?! Haha oh happy times! What a bargain! I was also looking for a top from h&m, showed the sales assistant my pic of the top, and she was like “that’s from h&m trend section which we don’t have but we actually have one here, it’s a return, if it fits u you’re in real luck” and YES it fitted !! My shopping mojo was on!!

And got a new pair of sunnies :) and some makeup things :) win win!! Now the plan was to go out for a drink with the girls but it started to rain like crazy and thundering, so I hope it stops cause I wanna meet my ladies!


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