Most of you prob know how much I love black! Here’s some stylish women rocking all black! Hot I say!

Now time for some dinner, my head feels all smushed, cause I haven’t been out today at all, got so dark so early today, so just been home chilling out, taken some pics, which I’ll show you later ;) xx



Grace Coddington, the creative director of american Vogue has written a memoir! It’s about her life when she started off as a model and then successfully got herself a job at vogue, real cool stuff! And I absolutely adore Grace, when I watched “the september issue” I fell in love with her and her work, she’s so talented, and to have a job like hers would be my dream job!

So obviously when I read last night that she’d released a book, I got overwelmed and excited! I was like oh my “I have to have it!!” googled it … and quite interesting how much one can literally judge a book by it’s cover, love to grace, but the disappointment when I saw this orange old school cover…looked more like a kids book from the 19 century then a book by one of the most powerfull women out there! I was expecting something quite classy maybe with a white background, or something much more stylish especially considering it’s a lot about the fashion world. To be honest and to be  the obvious materialist that I am.. even though I obviously still wanna read it, my first instinct when I saw the cover was… “noo.. don’t wanna have it that much anymore”. Isn’t it funny how much a product can manipulate people with only great design and great colours! Interesting how we humans function!

Does anyone feel the same as me? What do you think about the cover?