Stina Rapp Wastenson


Wrote about this model newcomer for The Fashionography the other week and found out she’s from Lund, Sweden which is my little hometown, random, guess Lund just got a bit more fashionable!

Anyways, I absolutely adore her looks and this spread is brilliant! Really looking forward of seeing more of Stina, she’s got star quality written all over her! What do I think? Like?

Check the rest of the gorgeous photos and my description HERE!


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 You can always trust Balmain to deliver an amazing collection! And this time is no different! Glam, rock, pinstripes, 80’s and sporty chic all in one! I love it! A bit surprised that this collection didn’t follow as much in the steps of their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see the collection HERE!where the massive shoulder pads were dominating the catwalk and the 80’s look was clearly reborn with as much glitter as one could possibly fit on a clothing item.

That was such a gorgeous collection too, but I’m glad they took that 80’s look and remade it a bit for their spring/summer collection! My absolutely favorite outfit is definitely the one in the top middle, that bomber jacket combined with that pinstriped/baseball top, baggy leather trousers and lot’s of gold statement pieces! WOW factor that is! Balmain, you killed it as always!

See the whole collection HERE!

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Wang Wang Wang, do I have to say more? As soon as you hear Wang’s name you know you’re expecting a hell of a collection! I’ve always been a killer for his minimalistic rock chic dressed models, no one can pull that off better then Wang himself!

This time we see a much more summery collection, with pastels combined with grey or leather, sharp cuts, let’s just say it’s minimalism at it’s best! A collection much more different then their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see it HERE!Which was very dark! Wang usually does dark collection’s but that one was even darker, almost a bit too dark. So I like this summer/spring Wang girl, with her pastels tops and cool edgy bottoms! Definitely one of my favorite spring/summer 2014 collections!

See the whole collection HERE! 

Click on the link below that says “mer” to read & see the rest of the shows!





Gorgeous editorial from the Vogue Thailand September 2013 issue! Think the pictures and the styling is real nice! Thumbs up for this one! What do you think of it? Also don’t you think this spread feels really scandinavian? And HELLO to the Stella McCartney look in the top right, the stripes! you know I have a soft spot for that gorgeous sweater! Well if you didn’t know, now you sure do! like!!

I’ve been so sleepy all day today, when I woke up this morning it was a real struggle to get up, felt like I haven’t slept anything at all, but in reality I’d slept for like 8/9 hours! Though I’d wake up a bit more during the day, but no no, never did, so therefore I’ve been real agitated the last few hours.. Still got a few more things to do before bed, but so gonna have an early one tonight! So I can get my beauty sleep before the man see’s me tomorrow :)!

Hope you all had a nice day! xx


WOW what a stunning editorial featuring one of my favourite models miss Georgia May Jagger in the August issue of Vogue Paris! It’s beautifully photographed by Lachlan Bailey!

This is one of my favourite shoots that I’ve seen in a while! The styling with the tartan mixed up with grungy accessories, looks amazing! What is your opinion about this shoot? :)

Now I’m on my way to my brothers place :) it was a while ago I saw my nephew and niece, miss them! We’re gonna go to their beach :)


Love the styling in this editorial from the Vogue Russia August issue, rock and grunge combined with some classic pieces, perfect mix! Do you like? :)

I had a great day! Been chilling out :) and now I’m at my sister’s place, just ate dinner and gonna spent the night at hers and have sister time :) last time we did this I ended up fixing her nails while we watched sex and the city, proper girls night! :)

Have a great Friday everyone!! Xx


Pics: vogue.com

Tuesday fashion inspiration!
Love the photo of the girl on the bike! And her outfit too! :)

What a great day it’s been so far! Been out on a little car ride trip with my friend and we went to two harbours, chilling out in the sun, eating ice cream and listening to lana’s ride while driving :) oh yeah! Had a lovely smoothie earlier on too! mm! with mango and such, win win!

Now I’m back home and expecting my sister and my nephew to come over for dinner :) My dad has cooked a nice meal for us all! And I’m hoping that my nephew will bring a lush dessert ;)


Thursday inspo!

Now I’m home sweet home! At ten last night I was finally in our flat, after 12 hours of travelling! Oh my, my whole body was aching! Felt like I’ve traveled from Australia or something!
No, next time I’m going to Macedonia it will definitely be with a direct flight! We didn’t chose to take the direct flight this time cause we were traveling with kids, and that flight only went nighttime, but next time!
Anyways, i had a great holiday! real cosy to travel with my whole family, mum, dad, brother, sister, & their families! real nice :) I have loads of pics to show you! and outfit pics of course ;) Xx