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Hot new editorial from the V magazine september 2013 issue!

That necklace on the middle pic, wow, so cool! Big like!

Sorry, for the late update today btw! My brother’s kids have been here all day, so been taken care of them you see :) cosy!

Been reading my V magazine tonight, oh how great it is, nothing better then to sit all chilled out with a great magazine to read! Read about Nicole Kidman, who’s great! Kim Kardashian, who I love! (yes i’m a massive fan of the kardashian’s shows) who’s photographed in some hot clothes, of course some of them is by Kanye West! Haven’t read about Celine Dion yet, yep she’s the one in the costume above, believe it or not! It features awesome pics of her, dressed in things you will never believe to see her in, some very sexy pics I must say!

Are you a fan of V magazine?