Terry Richardson



Cara Delevingne photographed by Terry Richardson, I love it!

I’m in our allotment today again, gonna paint our cottage, oh yeah, gonna be so pretty!

Hey you know you can follow my days on instagram too! I’m called theblackcape90 ! ;)

Lady Gaga XX Terry Richardson?

Terry Richardson followed Lady Gaga around for ten months, within those ten months, some pretty cool pictures were made, and established in this book “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson that was released last year, now a follow up will come and I will definetely keep my eye open for the next one coming! Two talented people teaming up, what can go wrong?

Now, my plan was to watch 21 jump street tonight, but i’ve been stuck by my laptop for too long, feels like it’s too late to watch it now, ah I do this mistake way too often!