morning ny

Morning everyone! 

I’m probably sleeping right now, (I am of those who adore sleeping, can sleep anytime anywhere, and for veeeeeeery long! now thinking about it, is this something I should add to my CV?)

Moving on! I believe most of you are up earlier then I am, or maybe you had a crazy one last night, and therefore having a major lay in today? Either way, I thought I’d prepare and share a morning pic for you people that are up, and enjoying the morning, for those who might have had a quiet one last night, or went big, but do function with barely any sleep, this is for you people!

I am wishing you a lush morning! And a lovely day! And I’ll see you in a few, when I’ve got that beauty sleep of mine!  Really hope I didn’t have any nightmares, did watch Taken for the first time last night… risky RISKY that is. I’ll update you about this matter later on! stay tuned for the very exciting news! 


food IMG_7716

sigfnee new IMG_7647

air mia aIMG_7700

A few pics of the week! What do you think of the chicken wrapped in bacon, sweetpotatoes, asparagus, garlic sauce, dish I made the other day? ;) well proud! haha, also, my friend Signe was super chic in her pilot sunnies, hairdo and outfit when we met up in town, hot hot, so I just had to snap a pic of her!

And a smiley pic of me, few people have said that they want to see some more smiley pics of me here on the blog, usually  I have my serious pokerface on in the outfit pics.. ha, but I’m a very smiley person! And by very, I mean VERY smiley, maybe too much sometimes..

I’m now going to my brother’s place with the sis today again, my brother is on parental leave so he’s home all day long with the kids, so it’s time for some brother and sister time! xx


Ha, I just found this pic, thought it was a bit funny, what am I doing? looks like I’m eating something, hmm..

Anyways, slept way too much, so my brain feels a bit dead.. I’m having a major chill out day today, and it was a very pleasant suprise when I noticed the lion king was on tv!!! So I just finished watching it, oh such a classic, I will admit that I still get tears in my eyes when Mufasa dies.. :( damn you scar! But scar is pretty cool, isn’t he!?

Also, it was snowing today!!! What, we can’t be celebrating easter with snow outside! :( It’s pretty much gone now though, hope it won’t snow again, done with snow by now!



Morning all! :)

Sorry I didn’t update as much yesterday, thought I had time to blog some more, but it got late and I wasn’t ready for the wedding so I had to rush! And may I say Wowza what a wedding it was last night! I haven’t danced that much for ages! it was a proper macedonian wedding, with music and lots of dancing, loving it! Real fun to cath up with all the cousins and the whole family too! good times indeed!

Wore my two strap sandal heels, and after lots of dancing my feet were killing me! Especially when we danced the “pajduskoto oro” which is one of the most complicated and fast dances and it’s is my favourite one, I just couldn’t stand my heels, so off they went! Now I’m in feet rehab :)