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Some interior inspo, love it!

Today I did this summer’s first tanning shift = been laying in the sunshine all day with some friends, and yes I did burn myself! Aouch.. now I’m in a jumper, trousers and a thick dressing gown, freezing cause of all the heat I received earlier, also super tired, so will be an early night for moi! xx

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horses newIMG_5255


horses nyyareeIMG_5221



Denim shirt: Topshop, Levi’s denim short: Rokit vintage

Horses, lot’s of horses for you all :) They’re so pretty aren’t they! The black and white one were such posers, oh they knew it was a canon moment going on! and they were loving it!

Now I’m gonna cuddle up in the sofa cause it’s the season premiere of swedish hollywood wives! omg, i’m so excited to see what crazy stuff they’re gonna do this season!! xx






Photos from lately!

I just had a pizza while watching the final of the voice, but obviously cause my laptop is a dickhead!! It just shut itself down in the middle of the show, aghhh so annoying!! Now I have to wait for my laptop to cool down, then reload the episode again.. Which took a while to load.. Yes, I’m a bit annoyed! Well well..

Hope u are all having a good evening :) I’ve had an extreme chilled out day today, just been sitting in front of the tv, felt like I needed one of those days! So it was real nice :) xx