Ben Youssef Medersa

marra doneMe and my sis went and visited an old koran school in Marrakech called Ben Youssef Medersa, as you can see it was very beautiful! And for this day I thought I’d pair up my stripy blouse with my stripy trousers, and hello it looks like a jumpsuit! Me likey! 

Also I’m back in Sweden today, woho, having a cosy friday night in :) have a lovely evening all of you! xx


marr real



Right before I left for Marrakech, my mum went through her wardrobe and found these amazing red printed trousers which she had made ages ago, I tried them on, and hello perfect Moroccan trousers! Completely fell in love with them, and oh so comfy, they’re made in this amazing thin silk which makes it feel like your not wearing anything at all! So glad I got to borrow them for my Marrakech trip, you like? x


dress: topshop, Shoes: dinsko, bronze oil: bodyshop, ring : Versace, tee: topshop

A few of my likes at the moment! Last time I went to the bodyshop I saw their new bronze oil, they have a light one which sparkles on your skin and a golden one which gives a nice glow and a bit bronze colour, would love to own one of them! Will see if ill buy them or not! While thinking about it they gave me some testers, that will come in handy for those bare legged summer nights out! :) I’m also desperate for a pair of sandals! These ones are real nice! I’ve tried them on, so we’ll see!

Now I need to get ready to go to my friends place ;) we’re gonna watch Lars and the real girl! Never seen it, but supposed to be good ! And we’re gonna make chocolate cake! Yum! :) see u laters! I have some outfit pics comin up here ;) xx