Those shoes


I’m in love! My boyfriend got me these puppies from Zara for my bday, love em! Totally loving the comfy fashion, hello flats! Wore em so much in London, and I can’t wait for the heat to hit Sweden so I can get these quys out, scandinavia style!

Been working all day, so I’m having a nice chilled out evening tonight, just sitting by the laptop and listening to some great music, at the moment it’s Madonna’s ‘Confessions on a dance floor’ that’s playing, such a great album, it’s very underrated, the way each track gorgeously floats in to the next one, wow factor! If you have a great sound system, this record just be played loud, real loud!


first row from left: balenciaga, underground, underneath: din sko, juju shoes. Summer is here ! or kinda was last week , now it’s supposed to rain all week here … But let’s stay positive and think of summery fashion, a must is to get summer flats! And here’s some of my faves ! Found the Din sko ones yesterday when I was in town, love em ! So might get them, I’m also a bit into the juju shoes, a black pair, might get those too , will have to have a think :) Do you like any of the above ? :) if not what’s your ideal summer flat ? :) xx



Above from left: Dope swimsuit from Dope, sunnies, shorts: levi’, underneath: chanel bracelet, vintage denim jacket, balenciaga shoes

I’m starting to long for summer a bit now.. Would be wicked to walk around in this outfit above!