river island



So last night I went through all the online shopping sites I know of, and all the stores ones, looking for a nice bikini, and I found nothing, nothing!!! Think the fashion when it comes to beachwear is real shit this year, or ok, no , the fashion is good, guess the problem is that the stores buyers haven’t done their jobs well.. cause I’m real disappointed :( I already have a nice swimsuit, and I usually always go for a black bikini, but for once , this year I want something else, colourfull and fun! but NOTHING! why oh why!

If you know a good swimwear website, or a cool store that has nice swimwear , let me know please!!!

Found this swimsuit at fashiolista.com it’s from River Island, but not this seasons, think it was wicked! So thought I’d create a little beach outfit, you could use a cool swimsuit like this as a top as well, like to a pair of leather shorts!

What do you think of the outfit? :)

Just came home after another day working in our allotment, damn I’ve been hardworking I have! Now, bath, time to chill out!

water drops



Alright so I’m not a River Island fan, living in London for two years, I’ve never bought a single item from that store, now Rihanna has done this collection with River Island that she just showed at London fashion week, and some of it looks quite cool I will admit! The dress to the right is cool, but don’t like the colour though, other wise the collection looks alright, every item is very Rihanna!

P.s just finished packing the suitcase, wooho! One of my better qualities, is that I’m a fast packer! damn I’m good at it! Should be in my CV really!  ha! x