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Top: Gina tricot, Björn Borg knickers, iphone 5 cover: Marc by Marc Jacobs, thin rings: Meloa, Aloha ring: Hawaii, bracelet: vintage

I had such a great evening last night with the girls! Ate the most amazing steak, so good!! Had lush drinks, and just chatted and laughed away! The perfect girls night :) When I got home, I finished watching a Spice Girls documentary, haha random, but I’m in such a Spice Girls phase right now!

Been listening and watching their videos loads, oh such a great and fun throwback! They were really THE band when me and my friends grew up, our parents would buy us Spice Girls photos, and we would exchange them with each other in school, even the boys did!  I had an whole album full of photos! :) wish I could find that album now, would be real fun to look through it! Then the Spice Girls movie came out, and WOW who didn’t dream about that bus of theirs?!? Where they each had their corner! Oh amazing times!

Me and the girls talked about them yesterday, and we said that we just HAVE to go and watch the Viva Forever musical when I’m back in London, all together, would be so much fun! Were you guys Spice Girls fans?! And which one was the fave? ;) I loved Ginger spice and baby spice! :)



So I got a request earlier today if I could write a bit of my life in London, so here it goes!

Me and my friend Julia, (top right) We were 19 and had finished school, and were quite fed up with the small town we were from in Sweden, our first plan was to move to Stockholm, but then after some thinking we decided to go for London. So London it was, I had never been there before so I was well excited! The idea was to be there and work for a bit, and just enjoy life, so work was no problem to find, we both found jobs working in retail, but a place to stay was a bit harder, wow how we have struggled, fighting with agencies, landlords, well you name it! And keep in mind this was our first time moving from home, from mum and dad, so we didn’t know much about getting a flat and such, but we managed, we lived in some cool places, first in Angel, then Shoredith (in a warehouse, it was such a wicked flat, with brick walls), then in Camden, my fave place in London.

Then I met my boyfriend, and about that time my friend Julia moved back to Sweden, but I stayed and moved in with the man in Dalston, wicked place, and nightlife, (if you wanna party till very late, this is the place to go to). I always wanted to work in fashion, so while in London it was ideal to meet one of my boyfriend’s friends Angharad Merry, she is a fashion stylist, and heard that styling was what I wanted to do, so she brought me along, and we worked at London fashion week, commercials, shoots, and such, It was so fun, and I was real lucky!

Then me and my friend Rebecca aka Rewshkk started doing some dj:ing, which was wicked! Me and my boyfriend moved into a flat were some of my best friend lived in, in Camden! And now I’m back in Sweden for a bit, but will go back to London as soon as I can!

And if you wanna work in fashion, photography or art I would really recommend to move somewhere like London, Milano, Paris or New York, cause it really makes it much easier to success, Cause were I’m from in Sweden, it’s called Lund and it’s a small town, you never heard anyone go “Oh I’m the creative director for this fashion magazine” or “oh Yes my friend is Rihanna’s stylist” No, fashion and that whole world felt miles away! But as soon as I came to London and started to settled down, all of a sudden you meet the right people and that world is not miles away anymore, it’s pretty much next doors!

And hey, thought I might do a post about some cool places to visit if you go to London, would you guys be interested in that?



Love all these looks, especially Rihanna’s, it’s so casual but hot! oh I loved her as a blonde, sad that haircolour didn’t last for long..

Anyhow, just came home, been to a shop and had a look at some cameras, I want a nice one for x mas you see! We came up to this salesman and asked him a few things, and OH MY how he started to talk, he was well into it, very passionate about the subject! When we left the shop it felt like we’d been to a mini lecture about camera’s!

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

The woman who is all about fashion and not afraid to show it, Vogue Japan editor- at- large Anna Dello Russo has done a collaboration with H&M, making accessories, jewerelly, handbags and shoes. Today we get a sneak peak on some of her designs, I like it, it’s very focused on gold and turqouise, quite pimping I must say, there’s some very playfull pieces! If you wanna go Rihanna style , then those sunnies are definetely for you ! The collection is hitting the stores at October the 4th.  There’s a video too, what do ýou think?