Here’s two of my favourite products at the moment! This coconut body mist that I bought myself not very long ago from Body Shop. Perfect for those like I that don’t feel completely comfortable wearing strong perfume during daytime, especially my perfume from Calvin Klein which is very heavy, so I just spray on some of this body mist, and you smell fresh and a bit like a walking coconut :) But a body mist isn’t as strong as a perfume, so you won’t smell all freaky!

Also this AMAZING sparkling shimmer lotion from Åhlèns! Super cheap, and makes your body sparkle in the sunshine! I’ve been using it all summer, and will continue for those late night out evenings, a little shimmer can never go wrong! But hey make sure you wash your hands properly after using it, otherwise you’ll walk around with golden hands!


From the left: The Biotherm Biosorce collection, toner and cleanser toning mousse, Biotherm aqua source face cream, Proffs hairspray, Bare Minerals foundation powder, concealer and eyeshadow (called “The A list” pinks, plum and black colours), Kabuki brush, Make up store lipstick (colour Mindy), Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner, Isadora eyebrow pencil

A few of my fave products at the moment! Do u have a fun product to recommend? :) it’s always fun to discover new great products, oh the satisfaction! U with me? It feels so luxurious when you have good body treatment products!

Now it’s time for the good old laundry day.. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do ey! Time to get all those holiday clothes clean! So I can look all fresh and so clean clean when I meet up with my girls tonight ;) xx