First row from the left: 1: Miu Miu 2: Pilots: Ray ban, 3: Carven, second row from the left: 1: Topshop 2: Giorgio Armani 3: Linda Farrow


A few real cool sunnies! Sunnies is such a cool and easy way to spice up an outfit! One can not get enough of sunnies! Who’s with me? ;)

I came home not very long ago, after a nice day in the park with a friend of mine, we then went into some shops, and I bought a new tee :) baggy white one, love it! Will show you it tomorrow ;) !


food IMG_7716

sigfnee new IMG_7647

air mia aIMG_7700

A few pics of the week! What do you think of the chicken wrapped in bacon, sweetpotatoes, asparagus, garlic sauce, dish I made the other day? ;) well proud! haha, also, my friend Signe was super chic in her pilot sunnies, hairdo and outfit when we met up in town, hot hot, so I just had to snap a pic of her!

And a smiley pic of me, few people have said that they want to see some more smiley pics of me here on the blog, usually  I have my serious pokerface on in the outfit pics.. ha, but I’m a very smiley person! And by very, I mean VERY smiley, maybe too much sometimes..

I’m now going to my brother’s place with the sis today again, my brother is on parental leave so he’s home all day long with the kids, so it’s time for some brother and sister time! xx