I have my pink lips on today!  I’m now waiting for my mum to come home, promised her to help her out some more today, have some more errands to take care off and after that I’m gonna have a quiet friday in :) To be honest I haven’t really realised that it is friday today, doesn’t feel like a friday, this week has gone fast, too fast!



Morning everybody! 

Someway somehow I’m about to enter the winter wonderland outside, dunno if it’s really a good plan, but gonna have lunch in town, so  it’s time to face the snow. I feel better today! think I’m almost well! wohoo!

Also if you feel that the blog is not enough, you feel like you need more updates from moi (who wouldn’t?!?) haha… You can always follow me on twitter HERE!  (yep I’ve joined the community where it’s not nerdy or “oh no I update too much, people are gonna think I don’t have much of a life” here, it’s actually acceptable to update! I feel officially cool! And please help me out! see, I don’t know anyone that has twitter… so it would be fun with some new followers! xxx

Have a great day ;) xx

run on

I sat down in front of the tv, and Finding Neverland was on! Never seen it before, and it was a perfect daytime movie, super cosy and magical! And who says no to some Johnny Depp on a saturday? Not many I recon! Anywho, I feel a bit better today I think, if you could od on ginger tea, then I definitely would have done that by now!